Easiest way to create virtual NIN 2024

Easiest way to create virtual NIN 2024
Easiest way to create virtual NIN 2024

Easiest way to create virtual NIN, In compliance with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) directive, individuals are now required to generate a Virtual National Identification Number (VNIN) to facilitate the integration of their NIN with their mobile numbers. In other words, if you are, for example, an MTN subscriber attempting to link your NIN to your MTN number, you will need this virtual NIN during the process.

The Virtual National Identification Number, or VNIN, serves as a digital representation of your NIN, providing a secure method to present this crucial identification information. Its design prevents unauthorized cloning or duplication, ensuring the protection of sensitive personal data.

How to create a Virtual NIN for use

Firstly, please note that Virtual NIN numbers are generated to expire within 72 hours, whether used or unused. Therefore, if you do not make use of the number before its 72-hour lifespan elapses, you will need to regenerate another one.

To initiate the process of creating a VNIN, you should: 

  • Dial *996*3# on your mobile phones. 
  • Upon dialling, you will be prompted to select Option 3 for Virtual NIN. 
  • Subsequently, you will need to enter your NIN to proceed with the virtual number creation. 
  • As part of the authentication process, you’ll be required to input ‘109071’ as your Enterprise ID, establishing a link between their NIN and the virtual counterpart.

For an alternative method, individuals can dial *346*3*your 11-digit NIN*109071# to generate a VNIN. This ensures flexibility in the process, accommodating different preferences. The service usually costs ₦20 per attempt. 

Creating a Virtual National Identification Number not only aligns with NIMC guidelines but also adds an extra layer of security to individuals’ identity information. The virtual format minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, providing users with confidence in the protection of their private details.

Final thoughts on creating a VNIN

As the demand for digital identity verification grows, the introduction of VNINs is a significant step toward enhancing the security and efficiency of identity management systems. This innovation allows for a seamless integration of National Identification Numbers with mobile services, fostering a more connected and secure digital environment.

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