How to Check NECO Results Online 2024

NECO Results for 2024 have been released!

How to Check NECO Results Online 2024? Candidates who participated in the National Examination Council (NECO) exams in 2024 can now access their results. The results are accessible through the NECO result checker portal at for the convenience of the students. This post provides a comprehensive guide on the processes and steps to navigate the portal and check NECO results for 2024.

Candidates who took either the June/July or Nov/Dec NECO examinations can proceed to check their performances as the results are now available on the portal. The process of checking results requires an electronic token, which can be purchased on the NECO website as detailed in the subsequent sections.

NECO Result Checking Token or PIN

To check your NECO result in 2024, you will need to use a token, known as the ‘NECO Result Checker Pin.’ Follow the steps below to obtain the token:

  1. Visit the NECO website at or directly to register an account and get started.
  2. If you already have an account, then log in to get started.
  3. Once logged in, proceed to buy the token online using any of the payment options.
  4. Only one token is allowed per candidate but can be shared with the candidate’s parents, schools, organizations, or any person who wishes to view the candidate’s results.

How to Check NECO Your Result

The new result checking system is designed for ease of use. Follow these steps to check your results:

  1. Visit the NECO website at with your examination registration number.
  2. Click on ‘NECO Results’ and then click ‘Check Result!’. You will be taken to the NECO results checking system ( to fill in the required details.
  3. Choose your exam year, i.e., 2023.
  4. Choose your exam type, i.e., SSCE Internal (JUN/JUL).
  5. Enter your Token and Registration Number in the right columns.
  6. When you have filled in all the details, click on the button ‘CHECK RESULT’ to access your grades.

Now you should be happy with your results. Congratulations on your excellent performances!

NECO Result Checking Online Portal

The 2024 result portal for NECO is now active. Candidates should visit the website to check their NECO 2024 results. The previously used portal on is still accessible but only for older results. To check results for any year from NECO, simply visit and follow the steps given above to check your results.

The above guide should assist you properly in easily checking your NECO Results. If you still need assistance, contact NECO offices or their technical support centre.

In summary, to use the NECO Result Checker 2024, visit the portal via On the portal, you can also find other useful information to guide you through the results checking process. Remember to like and follow our social handles to get info on new opportunities as they come.

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