Starlink to Refund Nigeria’s Users

Starlink In Nigeria

Starlink to Refund Nigeria’s Users

SpaceX has announced a price reduction for it Starlink’s Hardware in Nigeria. For this reason, the company said it will now partially refund customers who ordered ‘within the last 30’ days.

Initially, the price of Starlink in Nigeria was estimated to N378,000. Currently, the cost has been slashed by 21% which is only effective this October. The discount will end on November 15, 2023.

New Starlink Price in Nigeria

However, Starlink’s Monthly Subscription in Nigeria remain unchanged; it’s fixed at N38,000 per month. This move is aimed at attracting more customers in Nigeria to use the satellite internet service.

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As we all know that an average Nigerian cannot avoid the Starlink’s Hardware Kit at N378,000, not to talk of it monthly subscription fees. SpaceX has implemented this discount to gain more users in Nigeria. Additionally, a partial refund would be made to the customers who have ordered the kit in the last 30 days.

Notwithstanding the significant high-speed capabilities inherent in Starlink, the issue of affordability constitutes a formidable obstacle to its ubiquitous adoption, particularly in light of the fact that the average monthly income in Nigeria falls below ₦124,000. 

In an effort to extend its presence in Nigeria, the company has additionally established a collaborative partnership with Jumia, the prominent e-commerce platform in Nigeria, with the aim of simplifying access to Starlink kits for prospective customers.

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