How to Pay Foreign School Fees with Naira

Flutterwave has introduced Tuition, a payment gateway for Students, to enable Nigeria students to pay various fees to educational institutions within Africa and overseas using Naira.

In 2022, it’s been estimated that more than 43,000 African students, mostly Nigerians, studied in the UK. Another data from 2021 indicated that Nigerian students and their dependents contributed an estimated £1.93 billion (~$2.45 billion) to the UK economy.

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However, Nigeria’s continued scarcity of foreign exchange, reduction in the dollars available to customers for personal travel allowance (PTA) and business travel allowance (BTA) on a bi-annual basis, and banks extended processing time for accessing foreign exchange (FX) for international school fees processed through Form A from 48 hours to 120 days have posed as a big challenge for paying school fees in institutions outside Nigeria.

To pay University fees abroad, Nigeria students have had to battle with the challenge of high conversion rates from the US-dollar black market, delayed payment of fees due to increased processing time and even trust issues of their FX liquidity and payout partners.

Now, all those issues have been resolved by Flutterwave, Africa’s most-valued payments gateway. With Tuition, Flutterwave’s intermediary payment service, African students may now seamlessly pay a variety of fees to higher educational institutions both abroad and home using their local currencies.

Flutterwave’s Tuition is an intermediate payment service between students and Universities. The service is made for the purpose of making payments easier and to address the problems that students face while paying school fees in foreign currencies whether they are studying abroad or domestically.

Tuition by Flutterwave

How to pay Foreign School Fees using Flutterwave’s Tuition

To pay your University fees abroad with Naira, follow the steps highlighted below:

1. Sign Up on Flutterwave’s Tuition

Creating your Tuition Profile is the first thing to do to begin using the payment service. To create Flutterwave’s Tuition Account, visit Tuition web app. Next, sign up an account using your email address or Google account or Apple ID and complete the sign-up procedure.

2. Submit your Educational Info

You’ll have to submit your student data to proceed with the account registration. Input your information as a student, institution details as well, and any other necessary payment information after enrolling your school.

3. Confirm your Credentials

It’s important to crossed check all your submitted information before proceeding with making payment. It’s easy to think you’ve entered the correct information. However, be advised that you carefully cross check every info again before moving on to payment. It may be very difficult to reverse wrongly processed payments.

4. Make Payment

Once all the submitted details have been strictly reviewed and confirmed they’re correct, then, you can proceed to pay your foreign school fees. You can use your regular Naira debit card, bank transfer, or Google Pay to transfer fund to Tuition.

5. Confirm your Payment

Tuition promised to complete payment with your school within 24 hours. However, during the process of confirmation, you’ll also constantly receive updates regarding the status of your payment.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to a downloadable and printable payment invoice that can be presented to your school authority for confirmation of payment.

Conclusion: Flutterwave’s Tuition

Tuition has leverage Flutterwave’s payments solution to make school fee payments more convenient, secure, and reliable internationally. However, Tuition is currently available in Nigeria for UK school fee payments.

Flutterwave promised to roll out the school fee payment service to other African countries in the coming months, and planning on adding more schools in the UK, the US, Canada, France and Germany as Tuition begin seeing surge.

Furthermore, it’s important to mention Tuition Fees and Charges. According to Flutterwave, a one-time chargelevy fee of 20 GBP will be deducted for any payment processed by Tuition.

What do you think about Flutterwave’s Tuition? Let’s read your opinion in the comments section and let’s know if you’ve tried Tuition and how it turned out for you.

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