How can I send Direct Message (DM) on Threads App

Threads app by Instagram is already making an impact. Already, 100Million users has signup to the Twitter alternative. Imagine a social media app so unique, so groundbreaking, that it has the power to overtake Twitter, but not having a direct messaging feature.

Although, Threads might be the best alternative of Twitter, and it might has brought a unique twist to the world of social media, but there are some key differences between the social apps. Crucially, users want to know if they can send DMs (direct messages) on Threads.

Can I send DMs on Threads App?

Basically, one feature that’s expected from all social media apps is “Direct Messaging”. DM bridge the gaps between social users by letting them to communicate directly and in private. It is an essential component of relationship building online.

However, Meta seems not allowing users to send a direct message (DM) on the Threads app. Not for now. Threads is tied directly to Instagram and has been built to compete specifically with Twitter. Since it launched, many social users are reacting to it as a refreshing alternative to Elon Musk’s handling of the bird app.

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But it’s clear Threads app still has a long way to go when it comes to competing with Twitter’s Features. Additionally, it worth noting that Threads app doesn’t support hashtags or multiple accounts, prohibits NSFW content and direct messaging (DM).

Can you send DMs on Threads?

Currently, No, you can’t send DMs on Threads app. Direct Messaging Features are unavailable on the social app. Hence, you’re unable to privately chat other Threads users in the app.

If you want to communicate directly and privately with other Threads users, your best option is send a DM on Instagram. Here, I will show you how to send a direct message on Instagram through Threads Account.

How to send DMs on Threads

Follow the below instructions to send a DM to someone on Threads.

  • Go-to the Friend’s Profile.
  • Tap on the Instagram icon on the profile.
  • Threads will redirect you to Instagram profile.
  • Now, send a direct message on Instagram app.

After being redirected to the user’s Instagram profile, Meta will let you to make use of Instagram’s robust direct messaging feature to chat privately with your Friends and Loved ones.

Direct Messaging on Threads

While DMs aren’t available right now on Threads app, that doesn’t mean that Meta will not include it in the the future. Basically, if Meta want to use Threads to compete with Twitter, increasing its number of features (including Direct Messaging, Hashtags, and Blue Badge) will be the company’s priority.

Lacking certain functionality that is available on Twitter may pose as a big challenge to Threads. Although, it has gain over a hundred million users, but some users would prefer to remain on the social platform they already know.

Are you disappointed that you can’t send DMs on Threads? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check out our other trending related articles.


Why do Threads redirect users to Instagram for DMs?

Threads is a social app by Instagram. Redirecting users from Threads to Instagram for DMs leverages the existing direct messaging capabilities of the Meta-owned platform.

Can I send message directly on my Threads Account?

No, you can’t send a direct message on your Threads account. To send DMs, you will need to visit friend’s profile, tap on the Instagram icon on the page, and you’ll be systematically redirected to Instagram profile where you can chat privately.

Can I send DMs on Threads without Instagram?

No, you can’t send a DM without an Instagram account. Threads is an extension of Instagram app, and it’s deeply integrated with Instagram. So, any messages you send on Threads will be part of the corresponding conversation on Instagram.

Why can’t you send DMs on Threads?

Meta claimed that Threads app is an extension of Instagram. Although the social app has been recently known as Twitter’s rival; it posseses almost all the features and have similar interface with Twitter. Maybe in the near future, Mark Zuckerberg may include DMs features in Threads app to make it more a competitive social media platform.

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