How to Reprint Receipt on POS Machine

POS Machine: How to reprint a receipt
How to Reprint a Receipt on POS Machine

Reprinting a receipt on POS machine simply means getting a duplicate copy of your transaction receipt. Customers might request for another receipt or you may need to print another receipt due to various reasons including exhaustion of printable papers and network downtime.

Normally, when a transaction is completed on a point of sale machine, a receipt will be generated. Both merchants and customers get a copy. However, there are times that network will be a barrier and the transaction will have been completed in the system.

Hence, merchant will need to reprint a receipt to assure the transaction is successful. And that’s why this article is compiled. If you’re running a POS Business in Nigeria, and you can’t reprint a receipt on your terminal, this article will guide you on how to do than seamlessly.

POS Machine’s Receipt

A Point Of Sale (POS) Machine is a financial technology tools that’s used to carryout banking activities in an unbanked or underbanked geographical locations. This machine can be used in a retail stores to receive payment from customers.

A POS Machine is also used provide banking services to the unbanked situated areas. This is a business model whereby you get commission per transaction.

However, to use a POS machine, a debit card is required. When customers slot their ATM card in the POS machine, and input their withdrawal details, the fund will be debited in their bank account and the POS Account will be credited. Then, a transaction receipt is generated and printed.

Furthermore, do note that even if the transaction fail or unsuccessful, a receipt will also be printed. Therefore, a POS Machine’s Receipt is a compulsory written acknowledgment that shows the value of transferred amount from one bank account to another.

Reprint Receipt on POS Machine

Follow these steps to reprint a receipt on your POS machine:

  • Login your account on the POS terminal.
  • Navigate to report/history
  • Search for the particular receipt
  • Tap on Reprint
  • Then you’ll have your receipt reprinted in both merchant and customer copy.

This is just the simple step-by-steps instructions to reprint a receipt on POS machine. Meanwhile, do note that this process can vary depending on different kind of POS machine are available presently, but this method is the basic.

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