Tech Jobs in South Africa that Requires Little or No Computing Knowledge

South Africa is one of the countries in Africa tech jobs are seeing significant surge. Michael Page Group, a South African’s Recruitment Company that’s headquartered in UK, unveiled through it analysis and research that the most in-demands tech jobs in South Africa are once that requires little or no computing knowledge.

Meanwhile, you might have been thinking that highest paying tech jobs will be once with in-depth computing or programming or coding knowledge. Although, it’s true, but jobs like Tech Journalist, Sales and Marketing and Technical writing are also in-demands, high paying and will still be in high demands for the next five years, doesn’t require in-depth computing knowledge – just the basics and you’re good to go!

Here is the list of Tech Paying Jobs in South Africa that requires little or no computing/programming/coding knowledge;

1. Graphics Designing

Annual Average Salary: ZAR420,000.
Graphics Designer
Graphics Designer

If you’re good in designing stuffs and make it look takeaway, then you can simply put your talents and skills into use and make some good earnings in South Africa. As an average, you’ll probably be getting ZAR35,000 per month.

Graphics designing positions are high in-demands and it’s high paying. With little or no computing knowledge, you can apply for this position in any tech company located in South Africa. Here are specialized area you can point your expertise at as a professional Graphics designer.

  • Brands Designing
  • Products Designing
  • Making Banners and Flyers
  • Designing Ads
  • Creating Brand’s Site Landing Page, e.t.c.

However, not all fields/positions in Graphics Designing Jobs that doesn’t require in-depth programming knowledge. Fields such as web development/designing certainly incur for in-depth programming/coding knowledge to become a professional that’ll fit in to the position in South Africa.

2. Tech Journalism

Annual Average Salary: ZAR480,000.
Tech Journalist
Tech Journalist

Tech Journalism, otherwise known as Technology Journalism or Tech Blogging is a Field in Blogging Industry but requires reporting from the tech industry. A Tech Journalist is committed to reporting news and writing insightful analysis and research about what’s happening in the tech industry.

This job position requires little or no computing knowledge and it’s high in demands in South Africa. Just for writing news and report about Tech companies and it stake holders, you’ll probably be getting ZAR40,000 per month.

Tech Journalism is one of the easiest IT career jobs in South Africa that’s in-demands, requires little or no computing knowledge and offers high pays for net30 workers and freelancers.

3. Technical Writing

Annual Average Salary: ZAR384,000.
Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Technical writing is the in-depth researching and analysing of any topics and trends to reforms it into an engaging contents. This job position, on average, offers mouth-watering monthly payment of ZAR32,000.

In other words, as a technical writer, you get paid for performing in-depth research and analysis on any topics to reform an engaging contents.

However, a professional technical writer must abide basically with technical writing terms and conditions to deliver value as instructed. Moreso, this job requires technical writing skills that may require little computer knowledge.

Technical writing jobs in South Africa will remains in-demand in the next five (5) years and it’s a Job every tech companies will be willing to offers good pay.

4. Marketing and Sales

This position is categorized among the top in-demand jobs in South Africa. Marketing and Sales is an essential department in every companies and start-ups include Tech companies. When it comes to products sales and revenue generations, people with marketing skills are required not people with in-depth or basic computing knowledge.

Marketing and Sales
Marketing and Sales Department

In marketing and sales fields, there are lots of career jobs you can get without knowing how to code or program a computer. Here are no-code tech jobs your can do in Marketing and Sales Department:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital and Content Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Key Accounting Management (priotize to head office level)

Meanwhile, these career jobs require technical expertise than one another. But, they’re all tech jobs that doesn’t require in-depth computing knowledge.

An average Marketing and Sales representative gets R142 per hour.

5. IT Support Specialist

Annual Average Salary: ZAR660,000.
IT support engineer
IT Engineers

IT Support Specialist or Engineers are people committed for handling company’s hardwares and networking system. Although, to become a professional in this field, a little computing and coding knowledge is required.

Furthermore, a communiting skills is also required to be able to give support to the customers and answer all their product or service-related questions. Lastly, IT support specialist is another in-demand tech jobs in South Africa that’ll still be in existence in the five (5) years. An average personnel in this field gets R55,000 monthly salary.

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