Latest iPhone XR price in Nigeria 2024

Latest iPhone XR price in Nigeria 2024 Everything about iPhone XR  features and price in Nigeria 2024.
Latest iPhone XR price in Nigeria 2024

The iPhone XR price in Nigeria as of 2024 is 220,000 NGN for the 64GB base model, while the beefier 128GB version sells for 260,000 NGN. This pricing is susceptible to changes depending on the dollar-naira exchange rate.

iPhone XR versionPrice in NigeriaStore
iPhone XR 64GB220,000 NGNOrder now
iPhone XR 128GB260,000 NGNOrder now

In addition to the iPhone XR price in Nigeria and information on where to purchase it, this article assesses whether the iPhone XR is a good buy in 2024.

What is the lowest price for the iPhone XR?


Aliexpress is the cheapest place in Nigeria to buy an authentic iPhone XR from reputable sellers offering free returns. The iPhone XR price in Nigeria is substantially higher in local competitive outlets than in the Chinese online store. 

Apple ceased selling the iPhone XR in 2021, and has since supplanted it with the iPhone 11. However, getting a reconditioned iPhone XR or even a brand-new one without difficulty is still possible.

iPhone XR price in Nigeria

However, if you’re looking for a smartphone under the 100k NGN threshold, you may want to consider Android. One of these smartphones is the Infinix Hot 12 Play and its affordable Nigerian price, which is Infinix’s second-cheapest 4GB mobile phone in Nigeria.

Is the iPhone XR waterproof?

The iPhone XR has an IP67 certification. According to this index, it may be submerged for 30 minutes in one metre of water. But IP68 is always the benchmark for water resistance.

IP67 indicates that the iPhone XR is resistant to water splashes, spills, and brief submersion. Hence, the iPhone XR’s warranty does not cover water damage.

As a result, you should avoid testing your luck. The iPhone XR may survive in water for a brief period, but prolonged submersion can be fatal.

Does the iPhone XR have a fingerprint?

No, the iPhone XR lacks the home button and the TouchID fingerprint sensor. However, despite the drastically reduced iPhone XR price in Nigeria, FaceID is included.

Is the iPhone XR a 5G or 4G device?

The iPhone XR is not 5G compatible and is only configured for 4G networks.

Is the iPhone XR dual-SIM?

Yes, the dual SIM is one of the most intriguing new features of the iPhone XR, but it is not a traditional dual SIM. Apple has added an eSIM to its new iPhones, which will complement the familiar SIM cards.

What is better, XR or XS?

The iPhone XR is superior to the iPhone XS because of its design, huge 6.1-inch display, and, most importantly, its lower price in Nigeria while having the same chipset.

While it is true that the iPhone XS has more internal memory than the iPhone XR, whose 3GB of RAM is woefully inadequate, you can combine this RAM with 64/128/256 GB of storage, so you will never get the dreaded “storage full” alert.

iPhone XR technical sheet

An Iphone xr smartphone alongside Apple airpods

Despite a huge notch on the screen for Apple’s face recognition sensors, the iPhone XR’s sleek design shines out among its many merits. The iPhone XR arrives with the A12 Bionic CPU, three generations inferior to the iPhone 13’s SoC, the latest version in the series.

The iPhone XR offers two main characteristics compared to other smartphones now available on the market, both Android and iOS. The first is the picture module, while the second is the screen quality.

Its 12-megapixel back camera with a wide-angle lens is a primary factor for the low iPhone XR price in Nigeria. However, this specification pales in comparison to a lesser priced device like the Infinix Zero X Pro, the best Infinix camera phone in Nigeria.

In terms of the display, the iPhone XR has a Liquid Retina display with HD resolution (1792 x 828 pixels), which is poor by premium market standards. However, it is prevalent among mid-range Android devices.

Additionally, iOS 12 was introduced with the iPhone XR; however, iOS 15.6 is now supported. Apple is anticipated to release one new operating system version for the gadget.

That is to say, the gadget will continue to receive new features and enhancements in the areas of privacy and security for another two years.

Is the iPhone XR a good buy in 2024?

Even if the iPhone XR price in Nigeria makes it Apple’s most affordable device, the smartphone does not provide the greatest value for money compared to other devices with similar specifications.

The iPhone XR is not worth purchasing in 2024 if you want a smartphone with a larger screen resolution and a camera with additional features, including ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lenses, optical zoom, and a depth sensor.

Other Apple models provide superior battery management and a more powerful chipset at a price bracket equal to that of the iPhone XR. This is the case with the iPhone SE, which we strongly recommend.

Updates and software maintenance are a category in which the iPhone XR maintains relevance. For this reason alone, the iPhone XR still has some importance in 2024. 

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