List of Top 15 Best Tech Companies for Internship in Nigeria

In Nigeria, especially Lagos, there are many companies that offers tech internship opportunities. An internship is training in a particular company to get work experience before actually joining the workforce. However, if you’re interested in becoming an Intern to gain more experience in a particular tech field, choosing any of these listed below companies for internship in Nigeria will definitely meet y

Best Tech Companies for Internship in Nigeria

1. Flutterwave

Flutterwave is a financial technology company in Nigeria. The company is specialized in offering B2C payment gateway and mobile payment service. Flutterwave offers tech internship opportunities to undergraduate students in Nigeria. Furthermore, mentorship, formal training, and on-the-job learning are part of the benefits of doing internship programme with Flutterwave.

2. Paystack

Paystack is another financial technology company that gives tech internship opportunities to Nigerians. The company internship programme includes learning in an inclusive and neat environment, gaining a rewarding skills and experience, and free lunch every day.

3. Oracle

Oracle is a U.S. base software company that offers Interns professional networking, on-the-job training and tech skills building. With branch in Lagos, undergraduate students in Nigeria can benefit from Oracle internship opportunities.

4. PwC

PwC is a private accounting and tax company that’s headquartered in New York, United States. The company is branched in Nigeria and it offers Interns the ability to meet the challenges and opportunities of the US marketplace in the areas of audit, tax, consulting and products and technology.

5. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the largest American IT company. The company is branched in Nigeria with its first African Development Center in Victoria Island, Lagos. Microsoft also gives room for internship programme. Interns will get full career building and skills acquisition from the company’s tech experts. Additionally, interns will benefit from Microsoft free healthcare, internet connection and products and services discounts.

6. Interswitch

Likewise Flutterwave and Paystack, Interswitch is another successful financial technology company in Nigeria. The fintech company offers B2C payment to Nigerians busineses and Africans at Large. Interswitch offers 9 months Tech Internship programme in Lagos to undergraduate students.

7. NeoDocto

NeoDocto Internships

NeoDocto is another successful U.S. company. The company is inline of health care services and hospitals. With branch in Abuja, Nigeria, NeoDocto offers Internship programme to undergraduate students in health and medical schools.

8. Chevron

Chevron is a successful oil and gas industry in Nigeria. The company focus on producing safe and reliable energy for now and future purposes. Internship opportunities are available in Chevron for undergraduate students that want to have more knowledge about energy and utilities.

9. Google

Everyone knows Google right. The company is one of the tech giant in the world. With branches in Nigeria, Google offers tech intership programme to students and tech Bros who wants to broaden their career and sharpen their skills and experience.

10. Huawei

Huawei is a technology and telecommunication company that have branches in Nigeria. The phone company also offers tech internship opportunities to people willing to broaden their knowledge about ICT solutions.

11. Shell Nigeria

Shell is another successful oil and gas industry that’s located in River, Nigeria. The energy and utilities company offers Interns apprenticeships in Engineering, IT solutions and crude oil tech fields.

12. Access Bank PLC

Access Bank is a commercial financial institution, investment and asset management company in Nigeria and other part of Africa. The fintech company is headquartered in Nigeria and it offers fintech Internship opportunities to people who are in the field.

13. Schneider Electric

Digital automation and energy management are the specialized area of Schneider Electrical company. Truly, the company offers Engineering Internship opportunities and Interns are given the privilege to learn application of energy and resources for future energy technology.

14. Andela

Andela's Intern

As one of the best technology company in Nigeria, Andela offers tech internship opportunities to undergraduate, post graduate and talented people to enlighten them more about their area of specialisation in tech. Andela is a Global Talent Network that bridge the gap of software developer and Freelancing.

15. eHealth Africa

This is a Health Tech company that offers health care and hospitals through enterprises software and network solutions. eHealth Africa also offers Internship programme to undergraduate student that want to know how to implement advance technology to solve health issues.

Final words

Internship has a very huge impact in Education. It’s a more advance learning that let you put all you’ve learned in school into practical. And through Internship, you’ll become a professional and experience person even before you finish school.

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Hence, if you’re looking for best tech company for internship opportunities in Nigeria, choose any of those that suit your field in this article. However, do note that each company have it eligibility requirements, so you must do some finding before you proceed with applying.

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