How to stop MTN Auto Renewal of Data (Updated Code)

How to stop MTN Auto Renewal of Data (Updated Code)

Hey buddy! Have you been looking for ways out of MTN Nigeria data auto-renewal? Seek no more because I have compiled the actionable tips that’ll guide you through opting out of auto-renewal of data via SMS and latest used code.

How to stop MTN Auto Renewal of Data (Updated Code)

MTN data auto-renewal in Nigeria is a service that enables subscribers to automatically renew their data plan when expires. Ignorantly, many people have opt-in to this service and have cost them unnecessary charges on their credit balance.

However, if you’re interested in opting out of data auto renewal, it’s important to first know your data bundle. That’s, which data subscription did you opt in for? To find out, follow the steps highlighted below.

How to View Active Data Bundle on MTN

  • Launch the “Call App” on your phone.
  • Dial “*312#” and tap on “Call” button.
  • From the prompts, select “Data Plans” which is option 1.
  • In the next prompt, scroll down and tap “Next” which is option 99.
  • Now, on the redirected onscreen page, select option 12 – Manager Data.
  • Then, select option 1 – View Active Data Bundle – to view your current data subscription.

However, once you’ve discovered your active data bundle, you can then proceed to opting out of auto-renewal. Here’s how.

How to STOP/Opt out of MTN Data Auto-renewal?

Follow this steps to cancel MTN data auto-renewal on your SIM:

  1. Go-to calling app on your phone and dial *312#
  2. Choose Data Plans or Option 1.
  3. Next, select Option 99 or Next.
  4. On the next prompt, select Manage Data or Option 12.
  5. Now, cancel Auto-Renewal by choosing Option 3.
  6. Select Bundle to Opt-Out Of – which is the active data bundle your checked in the guide above.
  7. Lastly select Done to finalize your decision to cancel MTN data auto-renewal.

How do I turn off auto renewal on MTN?

By following this steps below you will be able to learn How to cancel the auto-renewal option for MTN.

  1. Simply Dial *312#
  2. Select option 1 – Data Plans.
  3. Select option 11- Manage Data.
  4. Select option 3- Cancel Auto-renewal.
  5. Done! You have successfully cancelled your subscription automatic renewal.

How do I turn off auto renewal?

To cancel the auto-renewal option for MTN data plans, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *312#.
  2. Choose option 1 for Data Plans.
  3. Select option 11 for Manage Data.
  4. Choose option 3 to Cancel Auto-renewal.

By completing these steps, you have successfully canceled the automatic renewal of your MTN data plan subscription.

What is auto renew data on MTN?

What is auto renew data on MTN? The Auto-Renew Data service will enable the last bought data bundles to automatically renew when the bundle is used up, the renewed bundle will be charged from the customer’s Airtime or Contract Spend Limits Usually called points in Mtn.

Cancelling MTN Data Auto-renewal?

The easy step by step process to cancel MTN data auto-renewal have been explained in the guide. However, it’s crucial to know the exact data subscription you opt in to avoid sending wrong code and still be charged for auto-renewal data plan.

How do I cancel my MTN 300 auto renewal?

To stop MTN from renewing your data automatically, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial *312# on your phone.
  2. Choose Data Plans (Option 3).
  3. Select Next (Option 99).
  4. Choose Manage Data (Option 12).
  5. Pick Cancel Auto-Renewal (Option 3).
  6. Select the bundle you want to opt out of.
  7. That’s it! You’re done.

These steps help you easily turn off the automatic renewal of your MTN data plan.

How do I stop auto renewal on MTN WhatsApp bundle?

MTN monthly WhatsApp data plan is the most popular when talking about the MTN WhatsApp subscription and you can deactivate it by; Simply text STOPWAM to 312.

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Additionally, do note that the USSD code used in this guide is subjected to NCC instructions regarding the using of same USSD code by all mobile operators in Nigeria. This simply implies that the *312# is the updated and latest code to cancel MTN data auto-renewal in Nigeria.

FAQs: MTN Data Auto-renewal

How to Cancel all auto-renewal data on MTN?

Cancelling all data auto-renewal on MTN can only be done through one method – MyMTN App. However, to cancel Auto-Renewal through the MTN app, download the app on your favorite app store, create an account or login to your account, navigate to “My Subscription” and tap on “Auto-Renewal” toggle to turn off all auto-renewal data plan on your MTN SIM.

How to cancel MTN data auto-renewal via SMS?

This is the most simplest way to opt out of MTN auto-renewal data plans in Nigeria. To do that, go-to your messaging app and send “NoCODE to 312. You will get a notification message in less than one minute confirming your cancellation of auto-renewal data plans.

Can I cancel MTN data auto-renewal through My MTN Web Platform?

Yes, you can simply cancel any MTN data auto-renewal through MTN Web Platform. To do that, visit myMTN Nigeria web portal, login to your account using your unique username and password, authenticate your login through otp code sent to your MTN Number, navigate to “My Subscription” in your dashboard, select “Data Bundle” in the page and toggle off the auto-renewal.

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