SpaceX Launched Starlink In Zambia

Elon Musk’s Satellite company – SpaceX, has launched its Internet Broadband Service – Starlink in Zambia. This development make Zambia the sixth African country Starlink is Live.

The internet router went live in October 5, 2023, it was introduced to the Zambia Government in September, 2022. That’s, Starlink was put into consideration for a year before it was approved in the country.

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Although, Starlink got it operating license in June this year but it also undergo some regulatory and technical boxes before it went live. Starlink in Zambia distribution will be manage by Paratus Zambia.

As popularly known, Elon Musk’s Starlink is a high-speed internet service provider that uses low-orbit satellites to render broadband services to rural and underserved areas where traditional internet infrastructure is often lacking.

According to World Bank, Zambia is one of the countries in Africa with low access to Internet Services. Only 44% of Zambians have access to internet service and those that uses internet in country face high cost and slow speed.

However, the live of Starlink in Zambia can bridge the gap between the digital space and people living in undeserved area. It’ll also provide millions of Zambians with access to high-speed internet for the first time.

Currently, Zambians can order for Starlink’s Kit directly from the company’s official website. However, the satellite internet service is limited to some areas in Zambia, but SpaceX plans to expand the coverage of Starlink in Zambia over the coming months. 

Additionally, The subscription price of Starlink in Zambia is tagged at ZMW771 ($37) per month, with a one-time Kit price and shipping fees of ZMW10,744 ($505).

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