Spotify To Offers Free Audiobook To Premium Members

Spotify has announced a major expansion of its audiobook service, offering a curated selection of 150,000 titles to its Premium subscribers at no extra cost. This initiative will launch in the UK and Australia, with plans to roll out in the US and more markets.

Daniel Ek, Spotify’s CEO, likened this move to the company’s approach to music and podcasts, recognizing the growing demand for audiobooks. This expansion stems from Spotify’s acquisition of Findaway, a digital audiobook distributor, and aims to simplify the user experience, boost engagement, and enhance the company’s revenue model.

Notably, only half of the 300,000 titles initially launched will be available through the Premium subscription, with users limited to 15 hours of listening per month. Spotify will provide personalized recommendations, tools for authors, and integration with social sharing to enhance the audiobook experience.

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In essence, Spotify’s integration of audiobooks into its Premium offering represents a significant step toward becoming a comprehensive audio content platform, prioritizing user engagement and convenience.

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