Tecno Opens Two New Retail Stores in Kenya

In a recent development, TECNO has announced it opening of two (2) retail stores in the capital city of Kenya – Nairobi. The newly opened shops happened to be the Two Rivers Mall and Greenwood Building, Moi Avenue. According to the smartphone company, the shops are carefully built and designed to offers a special shopping experience for its consumers.

In addition to consumer experience, the retail shops allows consumers to personalised their services. Starting from the day of opening, the shops have become a go-to stores for anyone that want to buy any TECNO’s products ranging from phones to laptops, and among other products.

The opening of the two retail stores was committed for delivering TECNO’s best products and services to consumers. This was made clear by the country Manager, Ray Fang. However, to rejoice the opening of the two retail stores, the smartphone company is hosting a special promotions, and giveaways next week.

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This will be a great opportunity for occupant of Nairobi and Kenya at Large; the special promotions and giveaways will not only be to take advantage of the exciting offers, but to also privilege to explore the new TECNO retail store location.

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