AI is Creating New Jobs Especially For Young People

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful machine’s ability to carryout the intellective functions that associate with human minds, such as reasoning, learning, reading, interacting with an environment, problem solving, and even memorizing creativity.

The inception of ChatGPT in November 2022 immediately boost AI innovative market, creating all sorts of viral reactions on the social media platforms as social users shared examples of what it could do, and potential impacts it could have on the employment ecosystem.

Many people have beliefs that AI chatbot will take people’s jobs but it seems the adoption of AI in industries is creating new jobs opportunity especially for young people in the field of prompt engineering, data labelling, and annotation among others.

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Meanwhile, do note that Jobs opportunities created by AI will requires new skills acquisition in each fields. For example, a prompt engineering position will requires in-depth understanding of using the command prompt on AI chatbots.

Example of Advancement that Increases Employment Rate

In the 1800s when Analogy Telephoning came to Nigeria through Colony Masters, you would realized that if I’m going to call you, I would first have to call an exchange and the exchange will pass my call through to you. During that era, there are set of employees working in the telecommunications sectors as an exchanger – connecting people’s call.

However, when advancement in communications technology took place, whereby people could call one another directly, without going via the Exchangers, people said, this is going to eliminate jobs but guess what? More employment opportunities were created.

Furthermore, when the copper telephoning took place after analogy telephoning, whereby the only way to communicate was copper to your house, no GSM were invented at that era. However, when Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology took place, people said what’s going to happen to employees who were working in the copper telephone companies?

Are mobile phones not going to take their jobs? But guess what, No, the jobs were only increased because with the new communication technology came fibre optics and new people were involved. However, mobile phone is rivaling with computing age e.g communication via social media platforms just to be used as a means to connect people via voice, text, video, and audio which have created jobs for more people to work and build applications for users.

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As you can see that getting new jobs from artificial intelligence (AI) will requires new skill in a specific field. For instance, people working in an old age telecommunication companies would need to learn new skills to build smartphone applications.

New Jobs created by AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating new jobs opportunities in various fields for people to work. For example, AI has created job position called Prompt Engineering or In-context learning, whereby new sets of engineers uses AI language model to combines elements of logic, refining, probing, coding, art & crafting, priming, and in some cases, special modifiers.

Prompt Engineering Jobs

Another employment opportunities created by Artificial intelligence (AI) includes Jobs in the field of Annotations and Labelling of Data, Analytics and Managing Big Data, Running and Building Algorithms, among others. Hence, always have it in your mind that acquiring new skills is required to become a professional of AI’s employment fields.

FAQs about AI Jobs

Where Can I Learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Nigeria?

Learning various artificial intelligence skills is an essential steps to take to become a professional in the field. However, becoming a skilled AI Engineer will gives opportunity to work in many areas in the employment market of advance computer language modelling. Moreover, KVCH is offering artificial intelligence training in Lagos, Nigeria.

What are impacts of AI in Jobs?

Many people have the beliefs that artificial intelligence is taking their jobs. Meanwhile, according to some professional insight, AI is creating new jobs opportunities for people especially young ones who are ready to learn new skills in the field.

What AI Jobs are in Demand?

Big Data Analysis, In-context Learning or Prompt Engineering, and Running and Building Algorithms are among the highest demand AI Jobs.

Which Jobs AI can never replace?

Jobs which AI can never replace includes Kitchen Chef, Barber, Painting, e.t.c. I should include driving but there are self driving vehicles that’s powered by AI. In a nutshell, any work that requires hand-held tools and equipments can never be replaced by AI.

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