Download JAMB UTME registration template – Free

JAMB UTME registration template
JAMB UTME registration template

JAMB UTME registration template

JAMB UTME registration template, this serves as the official registration template offered by JAMB for the 2024 UTME. Your proficiency in accurately completing the attached form below will significantly influence the ease of your registration process when you visit an accredited JAMB registration centre.

JAMB 2024 registration commences on January 15, 2024. To facilitate a seamless registration process, this document is designed to guide you through, offering all necessary details needed by the accredited JAMB CBT Centre. Kindly download and print the form at no cost. It is strongly recommended that candidates download and accurately complete the 2024 registration template before heading to an accredited centre for registration.

This is a crucial step to make informed decisions regarding your choices and selections before the actual registration process. It aims to assist you in avoiding common registration errors that candidates often encounter. For any assistance in completing the registration template, you are encouraged to print this document and seek help from your Parents/Guardians, mentors, elder siblings, teachers/lecturers, or anyone capable of correctly filling out the entire form.

Before providing the details on the template, it is essential to verify your subject combination by consulting the official JAMB Brochure. Reatech offers a free online brochure that can be a valuable resource. Additionally, you can utilize the IBASS system from JAMB by visiting and exploring the link:

Please be aware that this document serves as a TEMPLATE designed for candidates to consult with their parents/guardians at home. It aims to assist in correctly filling out the online registration form at accredited CBT centres.

The registration period spans approximately 6 weeks, providing ample time to meticulously review the registration template and accurately complete each section before proceeding with the registration process.

Additionally, it is crucial to thoroughly read all official information and instructions regarding the 2024 UTME registration.

For the main exam scheduled for April, consider acquiring the 2024 JAMB CBT Practice Software or the 2024 Reatech JAMB CBT Practice App. These tools will allow you to practice with JAMB past questions and familiarize yourself with the JAMB CBT environment before the exam.

Best wishes for a successful registration,

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