How To Pay For Twitter Blue In Nigeria

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How To Pay For Twitter Blue In Nigeria-The Twitter blue tick can be bought using your Visa or MasterCard credit card. The blue tick goes for a cheap price at $8. However, in the Nigerian market, it would go for N9,500. However, people wonder about the steps of payment of getting the blue tick. It is important to think this way. The beauty of this article is that enables people to know the step-by-step guidelines for purchasing the Twitter blue tick. Most times, the reasons people may choose to use the blue tick is because of certain reasons. In this article, we will be specifically looking at everything concerning the Twitter blue tick.

Requirements For The Twitter Blue Tick


The following are the criteria for the Twitter blue tick in Nigeria. You might need to meet these requirements before you can get the Twitter blue tick.

  1. Set up Profile

This process requires that you need to set up your profile fully. You need to possess a steady account that can be used for major activities such as chatting, posting, and retweeting. Also, your account needs to be set up fully in such a way that your profile picture and your display name are set up very well.

  1. Active

Your Twitter account needs to be very active. This is part of the embedded requirements for any blue tick verification. This blue tick verification is not available for new-time customers. You need to be very active in the sense that you are free to chat and retweet information. Your account needs to be active for 30 days before subscribing to Twitter Blue. The Twitter blue tick is very rewarding because it has been designed to make your account look distinctive and unique.

  1. Security

This requires your account to be secure. Security is one thing Twitter takes seriously. You can provide security to your account by verifying your phone number. You can do this by inserting your phone number into the space provided and then waiting for the SMS message code so you can easily authenticate your account and phone number.

  1. Genuine
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This is a very unique feature of the Twitter blue tick verification. Twitter would want to make sure anybody deserving of the tick would be one with a genuine profile. You can do this by updating the information in your dashboard. You need to be honest while providing information regarding your profile. Do well to be genuine in this aspect.

Benefits Of The Twitter Blue Verification 


The benefits of the Twitter blue verification are very worthwhile. This Twitter blue verification includes the following features:

  1. Tweet Edit

This is one of the features that comes with Twitter blue verification. You can simply edit your tweet. If you have made grammatical blunders in your tweet, with the Twitter blue tick you can simply change this. More than ever, this is one of the exciting features of the Twitter blue tick.  Whenever you want to make changes, make sure they are between 15- 30 minutes after the post has been published. The Twitter edit feature is a very beneficial feature of the blue tick.

  1. Bookmark Folders

This is one of the benefits of the Twitter verification. You can easily section tweets in a way that can be easily accessed whenever you need them. Of course, it is not easy to get every tweet you have written over the years. But with the verification, your tweets can be arranged in a form that can be used easily. This feature is similar to that of YouTube. YouTube allows you to create playlists. However, for Twitter, you can arrange your post in any section you feel like setting it to.

  1. Custom App Icon

The custom app icon is a very good feature. This is because if you are new to Twitter, you might easily want to make sure that you change and customize some features of the app. Unlike the normal app color feature, you can edit it to several interesting colors you feel comfortable with. However, the case may be this feature allows you to choose an app icon, unlike the competitors.

  1. Text Formatting

This section is one of the most useful features of Twitter Blue. Once you have the Twitter blue, you can easily edit your text to something you feel comfortable with. You can edit your text in a firm you deem comfortable with. This text formatting on Twitter can go from ‘Text Formatting’ to ‘Text Formatting’. You can easily make your text bold or italicize your text without stress.

  1. Ads
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Twitter Blue allows people to view fewer ads on your profile. When you feel you are getting too many ads on your profile, the Twitter blue tick is for you. The blue tick allows you to see fewer ads and make sure that your favorite influencers and public figures’ tweets appear in your algorithm. This Twitter blue is very beneficial in this aspect. As we have reinstated earlier this Twitter blue tick is something that allows a lot of features.

How To Subscribe To Twitter Blue Tick In Nigeria 


Having seen the benefits of the blue tick in Nigeria, it is pertinent for you to see the methods of subscribing to the twitter blue in Nigeria. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install The Playstore app

The first step entails you installing the app from the Google Play store. You can simply search for the app on your Google Play Store app. Your Google Play store is an avenue for you to download any app of your choice. With the Google Play Store app, you can install the Twitter app. Simply search ‘ Twitter’ on the platform. When you do so, make sure you have a data connection on your phone to download the app effectively.

Step 2: Sign Up/ Sign In

The next part is to Sign up for an account. You can register for an account on the Twitter app after you have downloaded the app. This would require you to input information regarding your profile, name, and address so that you can effectively carry on without issue. However, if you have a current account with Twitter, make sure you log in with the password and username you used during registration.

Step 3:  Select Premium

This step helps you to get full information regarding your verification process. When you log in, the first option you should look at is the top left corner. This top left corner contains information regarding the payment option on the blue tick. Do well to tap ‘Premium’ after clicking the three lines at the top left. After that, you would be asked a question: ‘Who are you?’. Do well to input the option: ‘I am an individual’. On the other hand, if you are subscribing to an individual, do well to choose ‘I am an organization’.

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Step 4: Pay For Twitter Blue 

This phase is the last step of the registration. You can get to pay for the Twitter blue. This Twitter blue verification is very unique. You can pay with your with your account if you are a Nigerian. Do well to select the Twitter blue plan you would opt for Yearly or Monthly. If you choose Monthly, make sure you are you have up to N9,500 in your account. If you choose the yearly plan, do well to possess at least (N9,500× 12 = N114,000) in your account. Do well to add your card details and verify payment.


Can a normal person get a Twitter blue tick?

Yes. After fulfilling the requirements for a Twitter blue tick as stated above, you are free to purchase a Twitter blue tick.

Why is Twitter removing the blue tick?

As of April 2023, Twitter removed the Twitter blue tick from some people because refused to renew their subscriptions for the Twitter blue tick.

How much is Twitter blue?

Twitter Blue is $8 monthly. However, for iOS users, you can get it for $11 per month.

What is the cheapest way to get a Twitter blue tick?

The most affordable way to get a Twitter blue tick is from the Twitter webpage. From the webpage, you can get it for $8 monthly. Also, you can get the blue either monthly or annually.

Can I use a VPN to get Twitter Blue?

Yes. Do well to make sure you are connected to a server where the Twitter blue tick is available


The Twitter blue in Nigeria is very unique. This article has discussed extensively the process of paying for Twitter Blue in Nigeria. The Twitter blue in Nigeria comes with a lot of packages for Nigerians. To many, they enjoy the blue tick because it makes them stand out. Others enjoy it because it prevents too many ads from showing on their feed. For Nigerians, you can pay for it with any card of your choice, be it: MasterCard, Visa, and others.

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