Top 7 Payment Gateways For Shopify In Nigeria

Top 7 Payment Gateways For Shopify In Nigeria-Reputable online gateway for Shopify includes Flutterwave, Remita, Paystack, and the like. However, what makes these platforms stand out is their cost, security, and payment methods. Well, that’s not all that is there to consider about online payment gateways for Shopify in Nigeria. This article is going to focus on the top 7 payment gateways for Shopify in Nigeria. Along with that, you would be reading reasons why they should be considered for your Shopify business. Let’s delve in.

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What Is A Shopify Online Gateway?

A Shopify online gateway is a platform that serves as an intermediary between the customer and the online business owner. Since the business owner cannot physically receive funds for his products online, the payment gateway serves as a secure means of accepting payments for the goods.

As an online business owner, you may wonder which online gateway platform is best for your business. If that’s what you are thinking, then read the next subheading it contains seven online gateway platform options you can choose from.

Top 7 Payment Gateways For Shopify In Nigeria


In this section, you will be trading the top 7 payment gateways for your Shopify business in Nigeria. Let’s get started:

  1. Flutterwave

When speaking about the top 7 payment gateways for Shopify in Nigeria, the conversation would not be complete without mentioning Flutterwave. Flutterwave, as a payment gateway has helped thousands of businesses to become gateways to their customers in terms of payment. Flutterwave stands out for its security features. It stands out for its PA DSS and PCI DSS security features which ensure that the customer’s credit card information and other details are kept safe.

Along with having outstanding security features, as a business owner who uses the service for your online business, you get charged 1.4% for local transactions and 3.8% for international transactions.

  1. Remita

In the past five to seven years, Remita has become a big force to reckon with in this industry. Almost all big organizations in Nigeria use Remita as a gateway for payment. That’s no surprise, especially looking at the outstanding features of the Remita platform. With Remita, you only get charged just 2% for local transactions (within Nigeria), and about the same charge (2%) for international transactions. The security features of the Remita platform are also something that has not been talked about. You rarely hear of infringement into the Remita security firewall, this is because, for Remita, much effort is placed in making the platform secure for both the customers and the Shopify owner.

Remita also is designed to allow payments from POS terminals, bank transfers, USSD bank codes, and debit and credit cards. Isn’t that amazing?

  1. Paystack

Paystack boasts one of the biggest online payment gateway services in Nigeria. The Paystack platform is present on sites of big companies such as Wix, WooCommerce, etc. This means that they are they have been proven to be tested and trusted on the big stage. One feature that makes Paystack stand out among other platforms is the transaction rate they offer. It is almost at 100% efficiency. Once a transaction has been made and the correct information has been entered by your customers, there is always a high chance of it proceeding to completion.

Paystack is notable for accepting payments from different channels such as bank transfers, debit and credit cards, Visa cards, USSD codes, Apple Pay, POS, and many others. The security feature is also decent as it boasts PCI DSS which offers a great level of security.

  1. InterSwitch

InterSwitch is also one of the reputable online payment gateways in Nigeria. The platform boasts a great international presence in countries such as South Africa.  As a business owner using InterSwitch as a gateway, you get charged only 1.5% for local transactions and about 3.8% for international transactions. That’s not all, it also has a good security feature. Its PCI DSS security feature ensures that customer records are kept safe and away from infringers who may try to access that information.

Along with having an amazing security feature, the InterSwitch platform allows customers to transfer money using methods such as USSD bank codes, Bank transfer, debit cards, and QR codes.

  1. Opay

In recent times, many businesses have selected Opay as an online gateway for payment. Hence, the inclusion among the top 7 payment gateways for Shopify in Nigeria. One thing that makes Opay stand out as an online payment gateway among other platforms is that it is more flexible for a business to use. They also have a more active customer care service that can render solutions and help when there’s a problem.

Opay, as an online payment gateway allows payment using different methods such as bank transfer, debit cards, USSD bank codes, and a few others.

  1. DPO

One of the not-so-common online payment gateways in Nigeria is the DPO online payment gateway. The DPO Group offers top-notch service in making the flow of funds from the customer to the business owner smoother. Despite being present in several countries in Africa and beyond, they rarely have a downtime. Along with that, the security features offered by DPO are one of a kind. The DPO Group offers a PCI DSS security which is quite a modest choice since it can provide the needed protection for both the customer and business owners.

With DPO, your customers can make payments using methods such as bank transfer, USSD bank codes, QR codes, etc.

  1. Cash Envoy

Cash Envoy is used by many e-commerce platforms to facilitate transactions between the e-commerce business owner and his customer. As an online payment gateway service, Cash Envoy allows the e-commerce owner to get payments whether locally or internationally in convenience.  With Cash Envoy, you get charged 1.5% for local transactions and 3.9% for international transactions.

When Cash Envoy gateway is used, payments from USSD bank codes, debit cards, and bank transfers can be accepted too.


How do I choose a payment gateway for my e-commerce store?


To choose a payment gateway for your e-commerce store, considerations need to be made towards the cost charges for local and international transactions, security, and reliability.

Is OPay a payment gateway?

Opay can serve as an online gateway for your business. On the Opay website, you will find proper documentation that qualifies it as an online payment gateway service. Also, you would read guidelines on how to install it on your e-commerce site.

Which payment gateway is best in Africa?

In Africa, there are reputable payment gateways. However, reliable gateways include InterSwitch, Flutterwave, and Paystack to mention just a few.

What is the most popular e-commerce payment gateway?

The most popular and most used e-commerce payment gateway in the world include PayPal, WePay, Skrill, etc

What are the top 5 best payment gateway?

In Nigeria, the top 5 best payment gateways to use for your e-commerce website are Flutterwave, Remita, Paystack, InterSwitch, and Opay.


As a business owner considering which online gateway service to choose from for your Shopify store, this article has offered you seven possible alternatives. So, it is left to you to select which one would fit your business.

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