Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla clarifies her mingling with Enioluwa

In a world where assumptions can easily cloud the truth, Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of the renowned Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, has confidently debunked rumors suggesting a romantic relationship with her closest male companion, Enioluwa Adeoluwa. The close bond they share is nothing short of a sincere and cherished friendship.

Despite the persistent misconceptions that frequently hint at a romantic connection between them, Priscilla has been unequivocal in asserting that Enioluwa is, in fact, her best friend. In a candid conversation with Punch, she dismissed any romantic notions that people might have woven around their relationship. Priscilla’s clarity and resilience shine through as she navigates these assumptions.


Admitting that such misconceptions are an unavoidable consequence of being in the public eye, Priscilla remains unfazed by the insinuations that have surrounded her and Enioluwa. She demonstrates an inspiring ability to rise above the noise and focus her energy on constructive endeavors. Rather than allowing these misinterpretations to affect her, Priscilla has mastered the art of channeling her efforts towards positive pursuits, especially in the realm of financial independence.

In her own words, Priscilla shares, “When people see a male and female together, they just assume that they are dating. I am a very hardworking person, and I connect with a lot of important people, including celebrities and media personalities. It is normal for people to make assumptions, so I don’t really let it get to me. Enioluwa is actually my best friend.” This statement underlines her commitment to valuing relationships based on genuine connections rather than societal perceptions.

Priscilla’s approach to handling the constant speculation around her friendship offers a valuable lesson in resilience and maintaining a positive outlook. By choosing to let negativity roll off her back, she has harnessed the potential of adverse comments and transformed them into a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment. As she wisely puts it, “Sometimes, negative comments can work in a positive way. When people talk about one, it means one is important.”

Priscilla and Enioluwa

In conclusion, the friendship between Priscilla Ojo and Enioluwa Adeoluwa serves as an inspiring testament to the power of genuine connections that transcend societal assumptions. Priscilla’s poise in the face of misconceptions and her determination to channel her energy into positivity highlight her maturity and wisdom beyond her years. The story of this remarkable bond encourages us all to value authenticity and friendship amidst a world that often misinterprets even the purest of relationships.

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