Namibia: How to Stream Hollywood Movies on Netflix

Hello Namibians! Have you been looking for methods to watch America films (Hollywood Movies) on Netflix in Namibia? If your answer is Yes! Then you’re in the right guide. In this article, I will explore the fast and easy steps to streaming Hollywood films on Netflix in Namibia. Hence, let dive in to the major reason of this article.

Netflix is a revolutionized American streaming platform that offers categories of library movies and entertaining television series & shows. Actually, Netflix is available in Namibia, but regional signals have posed as a big hindrance to watching of American Netflix.

However, to watch America Netflix in Namibia, a virtual private network (VPN) is needed. Here are some actionable tips to watching American movies on Netflix in Namibia without restrictions or limitations.

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How to Watch American Movies on Netflix in Namibia

Here are actionable steps to streaming Hollywood movies on Netflix in Namibia;

1. Connect to a high-speed virtual private network (VPN)

It’s important to know that connecting to a high-speed VPN will ensures that your streaming will go smoothly without bad-network interruptions. Meanwhile, don’t just subscribe to a free VPN. Most free VPN don’t offers high-speed and secure connection.

To get the best results, it’s advisable to opt-in for premium or paid VPN. There are many exclusive VPN service available, including NordVPN, PIA, CyberGhost, Express VPN, among other best virtual private networks.

Once you’ve decided on the VPN to use, next, download and install the application on your device from Google play store or Apple app store if you’re an iOS device user. Next, launch the VPN app and create an account.

Subscribe to premium version. But if you’re sure the free version is not going to be lagging, you can continue with the free version. After account creation and subscription, login to your account and connect to a server in the United States.

2. Clear your Browser Cache and Cookies

Once you’re done with the VPN section, before you proceed to logging in to your Netflix account, you have to clear your browser cache and cookies.

However, if you’re streaming via Netflix app, then, you have to clear your Netflix App’s cache and cookies. This can be done under “Settings” >> “App Management” >>> “App Settings” on Android phone.

Furthermore, clearing of Netflix app or browser cache and cookies will ensures Netflix service don’t detect that you’re roaming the web on virtual private network or proxy network.

3. Start streaming American Netflix

Once VPN is connected securely and app cache and cookies have be cleared, login to your Netflix account via Netflix app or through your web browser. Navigate to your library to see suggestions of Hollywood Movies.

You can also use the search bar available at the top of your Netflix dashboard to search for American movies of your choice.

However, do note that if your VPN is disconnected unnoticed, your IP address will point to Namibia and the system will notice you’re bypassing the imposed regional restrictions, this can leads to Account suspension or bad.

Therefore, you have to take caution while using VPN to stream movies on Netflix. More helpful tips is to use paid version of VPN to connect to the internet to avoid lagging and other network issues.

Watching American Netflix in Namibia

There’s something called “Regional Restrictions”, otherwise known as “Geo-Restrictions” in Netflix. These limitations are imposed regionally to comply with content licensing agreements and copyright claim. These ensures that certain shows and movies are only available in specify countries.

This is the major reason people of Namibia doesn’t get their favorite American movies on Netflix. Meanwhile, this guide has illustrated how to watch Hollywood Movies on Netflix in Namibia. 

By subscribing and connecting to a high-speed VPN connection, and clearing your app or browser cache and cookies before signing your Netflix account, you’ll have American films available in your library.

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Final words

In summary, using a secure and reliable virtual private network (VPN) service, watching American movies on Netflix is possible in Namibia. Simply by connecting to a server in the United States, you can bridge geo-restriction and have access to thousands of American movies and TV shows & series.

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