Kevin De Bruyne Biography | Achievements | net worth 2024

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne Biography | Achievements | net worth 2024

Kevin De Bruyne, born in Belgium in 1991, emerged as a standout football talent, initiating his professional journey with KRC Genk before transitioning to prominent European clubs.

Widely regarded as one of the premier players of his generation, De Bruyne’s prowess as a central midfielder is evident through his exceptional passing skills, powerful shots, and remarkable game intelligence, culminating in a notable third-place finish at the 2022 Ballon d’Or.

Despite Pep Guardiola’s penchant for squad rotation at Manchester City, De Bruyne stands out as a constant presence in the Sky Blues’ starting lineup, underscoring his pivotal role. Such consistent performances, particularly in the competitive Premier League, translate into substantial compensation.

Throughout his career, De Bruyne has not only excelled on the pitch but has also capitalised on lucrative sponsorship deals and engaged in various commercial endeavours, contributing to the accumulation of an impressive fortune.

While his primary income stream originates from his illustrious football career, his involvement in diverse commercial projects and strategic investments has further augmented his financial portfolio.

Kevin De Bruyne’s net worth has experienced substantial growth over the years, propelled by his on-field accomplishments and associated contractual agreements, solidifying his status as a formidable force in both the sporting and financial realms.

Examining Kevin De Bruyne’s earnings at Manchester City reveals his status as one of the club’s highest-paid players. Recent reports highlight the impressiveness of his contract, positioning him at the pinnacle of Premier League earners.

Kevin De Bruyne poses with his son in his car

Coupled with lucrative sponsorship deals, personal ventures, and strategic investments that have substantially augmented his overall net worth, estimates from various sources place Kevin De Bruyne’s total assets at €85 million ($93 million).

Breaking down his annual income, De Bruyne accrues $35 million through sports-related revenue and an additional $4 million from non-sporting sources. In a noteworthy development in March, he formalised a partnership with McDonald’s.

Finally, with a a substantial Instagram following exceeding 24.6 million, Kevin De Bruyne has the potential to earn an extra £12,818 per sponsored posts.

Kevin De Bruyne salary

Kevin De Bruyne and his wife

Amongst the world’s richest footballers, Kevin De Bruyne solidifies his position as the highest-paid player in the English football championship, the Premier League. This exceptionally talented tricenarian commands a net annual salary of 23.9 million euros, equivalent to nearly 2 million euros per month or 445,000 euros per week. 

Following closely behind are Erling Haaland, earning a net 22.5 million euros, and Jack Grealish with a net salary of 18 million euros.

De Bruyne’s current contract, signed in July 2021, extends its tenure until June 2025. 

Unaltered by renegotiation, this agreement ensures the Red Devils player a minimum net income of 119.5 million euros over the course of these five years.

Kevin De Bruyne for Manchester City

In a distinctive move, Kevin De Bruyne opted to negotiate his salary without the assistance of an agent. Instead, he leveraged a compilation of his statistics to underscore his value, persuading the leadership at Manchester City of his justified salary expectations.

Following his separation from longtime agent Patrick De Koster, De Bruyne independently navigated the terms of his new contract. To navigate legal intricacies, he enlisted the support of his father, Herwig, along with lawyers Daan Buylaert and Sven Demeulemeester. 

Notably, these legal advisors were reportedly not present during the final negotiations but played a pivotal role in assisting De Bruyne behind the scenes.

Kevin De Bruyne in training for Manchester City

According to reports, the legal team, led by De Bruyne’s father, meticulously assembled a dossier of statistics. This comprehensive compilation served as a powerful tool during negotiations, allowing De Bruyne to present a compelling case for a more lucrative contract with Manchester City. Herwig De Bruyne noted, 

Actually, he already knew most things. He just wanted some extra confirmation. He was well prepared. You could feel that he had been working on it for a while,” as stated in the Belgian newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws.”

Kevin De Bruyne and his wife

Despite making Kevin De Bruyne the highest-paid player in Manchester City’s history, the club managed significant cost savings by forgoing a consultant fee. Specifically, De Bruyne’s father, Herwig, lacking a valid broker’s licence, and the two assisting lawyers reportedly did not receive any compensation.

Recognizing De Bruyne’s adept negotiation skills, evidenced by his rejection of an initial offer in January, Manchester City, the leaders of the English league, implemented further enhancements to secure his commitment.

Kevin De Bruyne in his houses posing for with his children

Kevin De Bruyne in his houses posing for with his children

Comparatively, De Bruyne’s prior contract, in force from January 2018 to June 2023, guaranteed him a net salary of 9.7 million euros annually. This marked a substantial increase of over 40% when he secured his latest deal. 

Notably, his initial contract with Manchester City FC set his net salary at “only” 7 million euros, requiring De Bruyne to accept a pay cut following his transfer from Wolfsburg.

Addressing questions from The Guardian in 2022 prior to the World Cup about whether he felt overpaid, De Bruyne responded unequivocally, stating, “Honestly? No.”

Kevin De Bruyne and his wife

He went on to offer a unique perspective, drawing a comparison between his salary and that of a singer with a massive audience. De Bruyne emphasised the vast viewership in football, where a club’s revenue ranges from 580 to 700 million euros, framing it as a justifiable investment if the club can afford it. 

He clarified, “That’s how I see things,” refraining from comparing himself to typical salaries in other professional spheres.

Kevin De Bruyne house

Kevin De Bruyne's house in Belgium

Kevin De Bruyne’s house in Belgium

In 2019, Kevin De Bruyne concluded the construction of his family villa in Bolderberg, situated in Heusden-Zolder, on land he had acquired back in 2014 during his tenure at Wolfsburg. 

While Manchester remains his primary residence, the villa serves as a tranquil retreat during quieter periods in Belgium, as confirmed by his agent, Patrick De Koster.

Valued at 2,551,162 euros (one of the world’s most valuable currencies) the distinctive villa is a noteworthy structure, constructed entirely from white natural stone.

Kevin De Bruyne poses with his family

The unique architectural choice of having no doors or windows at the front lends it an elegant and modern appearance, reminiscent of a chic bunker. 

De Koster emphasises, “That is correct, but at the back, the house is completely open, and there is a pool house.” 

Additionally, the front is shielded by a substantial hedge, and a large black gate reinforces De Bruyne’s commitment to privacy.

Beyond its architectural distinctiveness, the villa took on a fantastical transformation for a special occasion. For his son Mason Milian’s third birthday, Kevin De Bruyne and his wife orchestrated a grand Jurassic World-themed celebration. 

Realistic dinosaurs were strategically placed both inside and outside the house, eliciting joy from the young celebrant. 

Kevin De Bruyne poses with his family in his Belgium house

Sharing the festivities on Instagram, De Bruyne commented, “Big celebration for our little boy: Mason’s World 3,” offering a glimpse into the personalised and creative family life within the walls of their unique residence.

Kevin De Bruyne car collections

Kevin De Bruyne arrives for Manchester City training

Beyond the football pitch Kevin De Bruyne harbours a significant passion for automobiles, and not just any cars—they are, for the most part, vehicles that exude luxury and are considered overpriced for the average person.

Despite not flaunting his collection on social media platforms like many of his peers, Kevin De Bruyne boasts an impressive array of cars. 

Similar to his prowess on the football field, De Bruyne demonstrates top-tier taste on the asphalt, frequently opting for SUVs. Among his notable choices is the iconic Range Rover, a common selection among footballers. 

Displaying brand loyalty, De Bruyne leans towards Mercedes as his preferred car manufacturer. Notably, he has been sighted multiple times at the Mercedes-Benz Eurostar 2000 dealership in Leeuw-Saint-Pierre, located on the outskirts of the Belgian capital.

Kevin De Bruyne driving his blue Range Rover in England

Within his garage, three models from the German car manufacturer stand out. The first is a black Classe S63 AMG Coupé, equipped with a formidable 585 horsepower engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in a swift 4.3 seconds, reaching a top speed of 250 km/h. The estimated price for this sleek machine is around 185,000 euros.

Another Mercedes model in Kevin De Bruyne’s collection is the GLE Coupé, with a base price of 85,000 euros. A snapshot from five years ago features De Bruyne posing next to this luxurious vehicle. 

Notably, he once surprised onlookers by navigating the Crown Plaza parking lot in Brussels in a Mercedes G63 AMG ‘Crazy Color Edition,’ showcasing his penchant for unique and eye-catching car choices.

Kevin De Bruyne driving his red Mercedes G63 AMG

It was in 2017 that Kevin De Bruyne made a transition in his automotive lineup, swapping his cherry red Mercedes G63 AMG for a brand-new Mercedes GLE Coupé. Notably, the heaviest version in this lineup, featuring a V8 engine with 585 horsepower, starts from 133,000 euros. He had driven the G-Wagon for 13,000 kilometres before trading it.

Kevin De Bruyne about to enter his blue Range Rover

Over the years, De Bruyne has navigated between the speed of Mercedes coupes and the comfort of a Range Rover, including the S-class and GLE63 AMG. The Premier League’s top passer certainly has an eclectic mix of cars to occupy his free time.

Kevin De Bruyne alighting a car

Not confined to SUVs, De Bruyne was once spotted at Manchester City training with a Mercedes S-Class Coupé. Opting for the fastest variant, a 63 AMG with 585 horsepower and a price exceeding 100,000 euros, this choice marked an upgrade compared to his previous club days at Wolfsburg when he arrived in a Volkswagen Golf Variant, consistent with the club’s main sponsorship affiliation.

Kevin De Bruyne with his red Mercedes G63 AMG

Summing up his impressive collection, De Bruyne’s cars include the Mercedes G63 AMG (160,000 euros), Mercedes GLE Coupé (80,000 euros), Mercedes S63 AMG Coupé (185,000 euros), Mercedes S-Class Coupé (100,000) and the Range Rover SUV (70,000 euros). His automotive preferences reflect not only a love for luxury vehicles but also a diverse range of choices tailored to different contexts and preferences.

Kevin De Bruyne Latest Sponsorship and endorsement deals

Kevin De Bruyne in a photo with Drake

In 2019, Kevin De Bruyne entered into a partnership with Roc Nation, an American management agency and record label founded by Jay-Z. 

Under this agreement, Roc Nation undertakes the representation of De Bruyne’s commercial interests, spanning areas such as advertising and merchandising, particularly in the American market.


Adding to his diverse sponsorship portfolio, in May 2022, De Bruyne assumed the role of ambassador for Phemex, a company specialising in cryptocurrency trading. 

Despite its relatively recent establishment in 2019, Phemex has rapidly ascended to become one of the top five cryptocurrency platforms globally. Boasting over 2 million users worldwide and conducting an average daily trade volume of $6 million, Phemex stands as a prominent player in the crypto industry.

Expressing his enthusiasm for this collaboration, De Bruyne stated, “My interest in crypto had been increasing for a while, and I am honoured that Phemex asked me to collaborate. I am very impressed with Jack Tao, the CEO, and his team. I look forward to further exploring and contributing to the development of cryptocurrency.”


In March 2023, Kevin De Bruyne entered into a personal endorsement agreement with the renowned fast-food chain McDonald’s, specifically targeting the Belgian market.

As part of the contract, the 31-year-old Belgian midfielder and his wife, Michele Lacroix, 29, featured prominently in a McDonald’s advertisement centred around the theme of “bringing families together.” 

Additionally, De Bruyne and Lacroix were designated as “godparents” of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund, highlighting their involvement in charitable initiatives associated with the fast-food giant.

This collaboration was once again facilitated by Roc Nation Sports, showcasing their role in brokering significant partnerships for De Bruyne. Notably, De Bruyne, a self-professed McDonald’s enthusiast, has gained recognition on the social video platform, TikTok (which allows users earn from posting), for regularly sharing post-game visits to the fast-food chain with his wife and children.

Kevin De Bruyne Investments

Kevin De Bruyne takes a photo with his son

Kevin De Bruyne has established himself as an astute investor, engaging in ventures that align with his strategic preferences. Notably, in March, he acquired a minority stake in the Sports & Leisure Group, headquartered in Sint-Niklaas, a prominent European player in artificial grass production. 

According to sources close to De Bruyne, he tends to gravitate towards smaller stakes in companies of substantial size and potential, particularly those based in his home country.

Expanding his investment portfolio, De Bruyne became part of Therabody in 2021, an American company specialising in massage equipment designed for the swift recovery of sore muscles. This move was facilitated by a recommendation from Roc Nation, the American marketing giant representing De Bruyne’s commercial interests, a connection shared with other football superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Beyond these endeavours, the Manchester City midfielder has extended his involvement to BALLN, an Australian-British company at the forefront of developing technology to aid youth footballers.

This innovative technology involves filming players and providing constructive feedback, showcasing De Bruyne’s commitment to initiatives that support and enhance the development of aspiring young talents in the world of football.

Kevin De Bruyne Sports & Leisure Group

Kevin De Bruyne strategically diversified his financial portfolio by acquiring a stake in the Sports & Leisure Group (SLG), a prominent global player in the artificial turf industry. 

This move is part of De Bruyne’s broader investment strategy geared towards securing his financial future beyond the realms of professional football.

Entering into the latter years of his playing career, the Manchester City star, known for being one of the highest-paid footballers globally, is expanding his interests beyond the stadium. 

Expressing his rationale behind the investment, De Bruyne stated, “I see great opportunities for the artificial turf sector, especially in the sports field, and I am happy to support such a successful and growing Belgian company.”

While SLG might not be a household name, it stands as the European leader and a global influencer in artificial turf production. 

Noteworthy installations include the hybrid grass pitch at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu stadium and turf used by AC Milan’s training grounds. SLG’s footprint extends beyond football, encompassing hockey, tennis, rugby, American football, and golf on a global scale.

Operating four factories in Bergamo, Asunción, Huizhou, and its headquarters in Sint-Niklaas, SLG’s diverse product range finds applications in various sports worldwide. 

Although the exact amount of De Bruyne’s investment remains undisclosed, it is characterised as a “limited minority interest.”

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