Omah Lay Biography | Awards | Phone Number and net worth 2024

Omah Lay
Omah Lay

Omah Lay Biography | Awards | Phone Number and net worth 2024

Accumulating over a billion streams on Spotify, Omah Lay boasts a net worth of $800,000 that justifies his reputation as one of Nigeria’s best musicians. He was the inaugural artist in focus for “Africa Rising,” an artist program, accompanied by a curated playlist, that showcases an African artist selected by Apple Music’s editorial team every two months.

The initiative leverages the full reach of the platform to boost their careers in Africa and globally and Omah Lay was selected after “Get Layd,” claimed the top spot on Apple Music Nigeria since its May release until the achievement.

In June 2021, Omah Lay collaborated with Justin Bieber on an afro-fusion remix of the hit track “Peaches.” 

Notably, he secured the 8th position in Nigeria’s 2020 most-searched Google list and clinched the Headies Next Rated Award. Furthermore, Omah Lay was chosen to join the #YouTubeBlack Voices Music Class of 2022, a development program aimed at directly supporting and mentoring Black artists, songwriters, and producers worldwide.

By September 2021, Omah Lay’s “Godly” had claimed the title of the No. 1 song of the year, amassing over 1.12 billion radio impressions, 234 million TV impressions, and 36.7 million equivalent streams.

Moreover, “Godly” achieved a remarkable 11-week stint at No. 1 on the weekly TurnTable Top 50 chart, setting a record for the longest-reigning chart-topper in its history.

Omah Lay’s album “Boy Alone” earned a spot on The Fader’s prestigious list of the 50 best albums of 2022, solidifying his standing as a prominent force in the music industry.

However, on April 20th, 2023, Omah Lay made a candid revelation through his Insta Story, disclosing that he had encountered financial difficulties. In a plea for solitude, he posted, “Do not talk to me. I’m brooooooke!!!”

In 2023, on Spotify, Omah Lay secured the position of the sixth most-streamed male artist in Nigeria. Notably, his songs “Reason” and “Soso” claimed the 5th and 7th spots, respectively, among the most-streamed songs in Nigeria.

Additionally, he ranked as the 7th most-streamed Nigerian artist internationally with his album “Boy Alone” achieving the third-highest streaming figures in Nigeria.

The song “Reason” gained significant traction, becoming the second most searched song on Google in 2023. On Apple Music in Nigeria during the same year, “Soso” emerged as the most-streamed song, while “Reason” secured the 8th position in the rankings.

Moreover, on Boomplay, “Soso” maintained its dominance as the most-streamed song in Nigeria in 2023, and Omah Lay’s album “Boy Alone” secured the third spot in terms of overall streams on the platform. Notably, “Soso” also earned a place among the top 100 most Shazamed songs of 2023, highlighting its popularity and recognition.

Omah lay in a photo session

In 2023, Omah Lay’s musical prowess reflected in remarkable scores across various platforms, as reported by Kworb, a platform monitoring artists’ performance on iTunes and Spotify charts.

Specifically, he achieved notable rankings: 255 on Apple Music, 26 on Spotify, 12 on iTunes, 20 on YouTube, 29 on Shazam, and 17 on Deezer. These impressive scores are attributed to the success of his hit tracks, including ‘Holy Ghost,’ ‘Soso,’ and ‘Reason,’ along with the well-received album ‘Boy Alone.’

Furthermore, in the realm of music streaming in Sub-Saharan Africa, Omah Lay secured the fifth position, attesting to his widespread popularity and influence in the region.

Beyond his musical achievements, Omah Lay is a notable homeowner, possessing a white mansion in Lagos, a property he completed in 2022.

Incomes from shows

Omah Lay singing into a mic during a live performance

As part of his ‘Boy Alone’ tour, Omah Lay embarked on visits to Australia, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In 2022, just one year after his breakthrough, he gained notoriety when he was arrested by Uganda police officers for violating Covid-19 guidelines. The incident occurred shortly after his performance on a Saturday night at The Big Brunch, a concert held at Speke Resort in Kampala.

Omah Lay’s notable performances include gracing the stage at the Africa Day Concert in 2021. He further solidified his impact that year by drawing a massive crowd to the renowned Port Harcourt Polo Club ground.

In June 2022, Omah Lay shared a remarkable moment with Justin Bieber, joining him on stage for the first performance of ‘Attention’ during one of Bieber’s concerts. Expressing his admiration, Omah Lay captioned a Reels video with, “One of the most awesome human beings on earth 💜.”

Omah Lay holding a mic stand during a live performance

Omah Lay headlined Heineken’s “Cheers to All Fans” campaign, a pinnacle event that illuminated the Champions League final clash between Manchester City and Inter Milan in Lagos on June 10, 2023, featuring an all-star lineup.

Closing out Black History Month in 2023, Omah Lay made his debut on NPR Tiny Desk Concert, showcasing his musical prowess alongside a diverse live band. The performance included captivating medleys of his renowned hits such as “Never Forget,” “Soso,” “Bend You,” and “Infinity,” among others.

After a remarkable music year in 2023, Omah Lay treated music enthusiasts to an unforgettable experience on December 16, 2023, at The Palms, Victoria Island, Lagos. The concert, tagged “Omah Lay Unplugged,” featured a diverse array of his songs, captivating the audience with his musical talent. 

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