How to Reverse a TikTok Video in 2024

Hello! In this article, we’ll give you a detailed and comprehensive guides of how to reverse TikTok video easily. TikTok is one of the most well known video social media platforms. The app posseses many features including the reverse video feature.

However, it’s sad that most users on the video sharing app doesn’t know how to use this reversal feature to backward a video on the platform. A reversed video is a content that is played backward. After the proper reversing process, the video can give off a completely new look.

Reversing a video on TikTok is simple. Just follow the steps below to easily backward video on TikTok App:

Step 1: Using the ‘+’ Icon

First and foremost, login to your TikTok account via app, tap on the ‘+’ icon located at the bottom-center of your screen. The ‘+’ will allows you to upload or create new video.

Step 2: Record Video

Next, you have to click and hold the red button you see after tapping on the ‘+’ to start recording your video. You can end recording by leaving the red button. However, you can upload your video directly using the Camera Roll feature on TikTok App.

Step 3: Start Editing Video

After recording your video or you’ve successfully uploaded it, you’ll be taken to the editor where you can make changes to your video. Now, use the Effect button to reverse the video. The Effect button is usually the icon that looks like Click at the bottom right-corner of your dashboard.

Step 4: Use the Effect Button

In the list of editig features available at the bottom of your dashboard, scroll right and tap on ‘Time.’ choose ‘Reverse.’ Then, you’ll see a preview of your new, reversed video appear on the screen. Tap the play button to preview new video that runs backwards.

Step 5: Tap Save

Once you’ve successfully used the Effect button to reverse your video, tap on ‘SAVE’ to save your reversed video on TikTok.  Now, you can make your video live to your followers and audiences.

That’s just the simple step-by-steps guides to easily backward a video on TikTok App. If you have any question regarding this guide, please use the comments section and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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