Best Apps To Watch WWE For Free (iPhone & Android)

Watching WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment is much comfortable anywhere using the best apps that works online. So, if you’re the fans of WWE, this article will helps you discover both paid and free streaming platforms that offers WWE shows.

Normally, there are several ways to stream WWE online, but if you’re interested in watching on your iPhone or Android phone, you’ll have to look for WWE apps that’ll suit your needs.

To choose the best WWE Apps, you’ll have to consider the ones that can show off from highlights to live matches and BTS. The mobile apps that will be reviewed in this article are known to offer top-notch streaming services of WWE.

Apps To Watch WWE For Free on Android

Watching WWE Live on your Smartphone can only be done through compactible apps that have access sport industry’s network. Likewise streaming UFC live match, you’ll have to connect to MMA online via any of their various streaming platforms.

WWE Android App

To watch WWE Live on your Android phone for free, here are some sport streaming apps you can download on the Google Play Store.

  • The WWE App: This mobile application is the official app for WWE fans to stream from highlights to live matches of WWE. This app is available for both Android, iOS and PC users. You can also connect The WWE App with Smart TV for better streaming. This app is available for free on Android and live event on the app includes Royal Rumble, WrestleMania and SummerSlam.
  • SonyLIV Sport: This app is a free-to-download Android OS application that allows you to stream your favorite WWE shows live. In addition, this streaming app also show live event of other Wrestling matches like UFC, MMA e.t.c.
  • WTC: Wrestling TV Channel is one of the popular mobile apps to stream WWE online. The most interesting features of this app is that you’ll be given access to professional wrestling matches from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and present day. Furthermore, you also access WTC on any of your home decoder.
  • Pro Wrestling TV: This is another free Android app that offers WWE streaming online. With this app, you will not only watch WWE but all in-ring action sports around the world and 24/7. In addition, talk shows hosted by wrestling legends, and wrestling movies and docs are also available for streaming on Pro Wrestling TV.
  • Netflix: Netflix is one of the most known streaming service in the world. The platform offers various streaming service categories including TV shows, Movies & Dramas, Sports and More. Under its ‘Sports’ section, you can watch WWE Network for free.
  • Vola Sports: This is a free live sport streaming app. Vola Sport App offers sports games like wrestling, basketball, baseball, cricket, car race, football, soccer, tennis, and many more.
  • Show Sport TV: This is one of the best free app to stream WWE Network online. If you’re an Android OS user, you’ll definitely love using this app because it sport shows including Wrestling are mainly broadcast during working hours and repeat late at night. In a nutshell, Show Sport TV is the best Android app to watch WWE Network online and for free.
  • Sportfussion – WWE News Edition: This app is best at giving users the latest news about what’s going on in the WWE Network and Universe. Sportfussion offers a curated news feed dedicated to WWE. It compiles news articles, interviews, and updates from various sources, ensuring that you’re always in the know about the wrestling world.

This curated list of mobile applications are best apps watch WWE for free on your Android phone. I know you might have been wondering that ‘Is The WWE App Free’? The highlighted WWE streaming apps are entirely free of charge.

Apps To Watch WWE For Free on iPhone

There are many Apple iOS streaming apps outthere that’ll allow you to watch WWE Network online for free on your iPhone. However, WWE iOS App is the direct gateway to watching Wrestling on your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod.


To get started with WWE Network App, you’ll have to download and install the app from Apple App Store, launch and open the app to create an account or sign in to your active WWE account.

In a nutshell, here is the list of best apps to watch WWE for free on iPhone:

  • YouTube TV – Live Channels: YouTube is the most popular video search engine in the world. The streaming app also work for iOS users and some of it live channels including beIN Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, GOITV and RedZone by NFL Network are dedicated for sports live events, highlight and interviews.
  • WWE Network iOS App: Like earlier mentioned, The WWE App is available for both Android OS and Apple iOS users. The app is available for download on both app stores. So, download from your favorite app store and have direct access to WWE Network from your comfort.
  • IWTV.Live: This is another best iOS app that allows WWE lovers to stream online for free from their comfort zone. The most interesting features of this mobile application is that it possesses News feed that showcase the most important events in the Wrestling Universe.
  • Fox Sports – Live TV: Fox Sports is one of the best and popular sports streaming app in the United States. This app also offers WWE Network Live. That’s, you can watch Wrestling TV for free on Fox Sports App but it can only be streamed live and it features are limited to other WWE streaming apps that’s been curated earlier. This app also work on Android devices and it’s available for download on Google Play Store.

In a nutshell, streaming WWE for free on iPhone can be done through the iOS apps highlighted above. These apps offers full live streams, highlights, events and many more mostly for free.

Is the WWE App Free?

Wondering if the WWE App is free? Yes, it is! WWE offers its app free of charge, giving fans access to a world of wrestling content. Stream live events, catch up on past matches, and enjoy exclusive shows without spending a dime. 

Stay updated on your favorite superstars and storylines with this user-friendly app. Get ready to step into the ring without breaking the bank – download the WWE App today and dive into the thrilling world of professional wrestling at no cost.

How can I watch WWE live on my phone?

Follow the steps highlighted below to watch WWE Live on your phone:

  • Download WWE Network App on your Smartphone from Google Play Store or Apple iOS App Store.
  • Launch and open the application.
  • Tap to Register an Account or Sign in to Activate your WWE Account on the new device.
  • Now, start streaming WWE Network Live for free.

If you encounter any problems getting the steps, feel free to use the comments section. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

WWE APK Download

Looking for the WWE app download APK? WWE fans, you’re in luck! While the official WWE app is readily available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, some users may prefer the APK download option. Here’s how to download WWE APK.

Simply search for “WWE app APK” online, find a trusted source, and download the APK file. However, exercise caution and only use reputable websites to avoid security risks. Once downloaded, install the APK to enjoy all the action-packed wrestling content the WWE app has to offer on your Android device. Whether you choose the app store or APK route, the world of WWE is just a few clicks away!

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