How to set up Netflix for Airbnb [Easy Methods]

Airbnb is an internet marketplace that connects property proprietor or proprietress with people who want to rent out their property for use. However, Netflix is a streaming platform that allows users to stream contents on their smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the friendship between Netflix and Airbnb. To give you hints, with Netflix, your Airbnb guest can enjoy exclusive contents with just one click. However, setting the two service can be a little difficult, that’s why this tutorial is put together to make the process easy for you.

In these days, Airbnb has been referred to as hotel or guest house. So, asking question about setting up Netflix for Airbnb is just the same as can I use my Netflix account in a hotel?

Therefore, Airbnb host that’s offering Netflix is just a great way to entertain and enrich your visitor’s experience. Not just that, Airbnb with Netflix is a good ideas of sending a message of comfort and convenience that makes your space feel like a home for every guest.

Now, let’s delve into the primary reason of this article without Foda-ado; steps to setup Netflix account for Airbnb.

Here’s how to set up Netflix for Airbnb

First of all, you need to have a smart TV at Airbnb to use Netflix account. However, if the Airbnb has other streaming devices, it can also work.

To setup your Netflix account on Airbnb, connect the Smart TV to an internet connection, then visit and login your Netflix account.

After successful logins, you’ll be able to enjoy the exclusive contents from Netflix. However, do note that using Netflix on Airbnb is only possible when Airbnb work on Smart TV.


Using Netflix on Airbnb TV is simple. However, make sure your TV is a smart with Netflix app installed on it, or it should have access to internet connection that connect you to the streaming service portal.

Furthermore, Netflix on Airbnb can also work on other streaming service like Roku, and Chromecast. If you get values from this blog post, please share and subscribe to our Newsletter. Cheers!

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