Starlink Nigeria Customer Care Number

Starlink NIGERIA Customer Care Number

Starlink Nigeria Customer Care Number

Starlink Nigeria Customer Care Number? Contacting Starlink customer care support team in Nigeria is a very simple steps. By following the information I’ll be highlighting in this article, you’ll be able to get in touch with Starlink Customer Representative in Nigeria for issues, support and enquires.

In the recent development of Starlink in Nigeria, it was announced that SpaceX would refund customers that ordered Starlink Hardware within a month due to price slashed by 21% that was considered as a way to boost adoption in Nigeria.

Initially, Starlink price in Nigeria was tagged at N378,000 and now it’s been slashed to N229,500. However, this discount will end on November 15, 2023.

In another recent development of Starlink in Nigeria, it was announced that SpaceX partnered with Jumia – the largest e-commerce website in Africa, to enhance the boost of Starlink in Nigeria. In a nutshell, we’ve seen the hassle of SpaceX to modify high-speed internet connection to the Africans nations; it’s was also announced that Starlink is live in Zambia, a nation with the poorest and the most costly internet connection in Africa.

Hence, not only Nigerians, but other Africans have ordered the Starlink Kit and 70% of them have received their Kit and Hardware. However, some might be having issues with their Starlink system, it might be the dish is not connecting to the internet, you have billing questions, or looking for how to setup Starlink, it’s important to know how to get in touch with Starlink customer support.

Here’s how to contact Starlink customer support team in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia and other African countries. I’ll also highlight some agent’s numbers in Lagos that can help you with any issues your Starlink is having.

How to Contact Starlink Customer Support in Nigeria

There are many options available for contacting Starlink customer care service in Nigeria. Here, we’ll explore some possible options highlighted by Starlink website before we dive into some authorized Starlink agents in Nigeria.

1. Contact Customer Care Service via Starlink App

The Starlink App does not only helps customers to find best location to get Starlink in Nigeria. The app can also be use for checking for obstructions, customizing the settings, receiving news and updates, and for accessing the support page.

With the Starlink App, you can troubleshoot any problem within the Starlink system. It’s also the fastest way recommended for contacting Starlink customer service in Nigeria. In addition, Starlink App is available on the apps store for Android and iOS.

2. Contact for Support via Starlink Website

Another option for getting in touch with Starlink customer care service for support in Nigeria is through the Starlink Support Page. Kindly visit the Starlink website through your device’s browser and navigate to the support page. Or simply visit directly from your browser.

Use the support topics to browse through variety of solutions that are available on the page. For instance, if you’re having issues installing your Starlink Hardware, you can browse through SETUP & INSTALL category.

Other available solution options that are available on the support page includes Account, Troubleshooting, Service Plans, Billing, Specification and Configuration, and Order. However, if you browse through these options and you haven’t find possible solution, proceed to submitting a ticket.

3. Submit a Ticket

Creating and submitting ticket is the third option to contact Starlink customer care service in Nigeria.

You can create and submit a ticket here;

However, when submitting a ticket via the Starlink website, make sure you describe all the issues you’re encountering with your Starlink.

4. Contact Starlink Customer Support via E-Mail

One of the fastest way to get in touch with Starlink customer care service in Nigeria is contacting through email. You can E-mail all your complains, enquires, and support request to

5. Starlink Nigeria Phone Number

Unfortunately, Starlink does not provide a mean of contacting its customer care service through phone calling in Nigeria. You can only contact the support team via E-Mail, website, support page and ticket submission.

Starlink Agents Numbers in Nigeria

Are you looking for agents that can help you with the installation of Starlink in Nigeria? Here are sone trusted agents’ numbers you can try out today.

  • Starlink Global and Ideal Nigeria Limited: +234 7044510643
  • Jumia Nigeria: +2348086249724
  • ABS Digital Solutions: +2347080165007
  • Alphatech: +2348022814433

You can also contact any of these agents for any issues, enquires, and support.


In conclusion, Starlink’s arrival in Nigeria is indeed a game-changer, promising to revolutionize the way we connect to the internet. With its cutting-edge technology and global satellite network, Starlink is set to bridge the digital divide in Nigeria and provide high-speed, reliable internet access to even the most remote areas.

While we’ve explored the need for a dedicated Starlink Nigeria customer care number, although the number is not provided to Nigerians, and we’re beseeching the SpaceX company to only not limit Starlink Customer Contact Information on email and website However, they should also offer calling numbers which will be much easier for customers to make complains, enquires and for getting support.

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