Jumia Becomes Authorized Seller For Starlink In Africa

Jumia has signed a new deal with SpaceX to become an authorized dealer for Starlink’s Satellite, Kits and other attached Equipments in Africa. The partnership between Elon Musk’s internet broadband company and the largest e-commerce company in Africa is aimed at boosting the sale of the Starlink in selected countries in Africa.

The sales of Starlink is set to start in Nigeria, then follow by Kenya and other African countries. Notably, this partnership makes Jumia the first authorized dealer in Africa to sell and distribute the Elon Musk’s Routers.

According to Jumia’s Chief Commercial Officer (CEO), Hisham El Gabry, Elon Musk’s Starlink is already doing wonders in South Asia and South America. Now, Africa will be the next continent to take advantages of the fast-speed internet services. Through Jumia, the sales will start in Nigeria on October.

In a nutshell, people can now order Starlink on Jumia e-commerce website. The internet broadband company is taking advantage of Jumia Network Agents to boost it sales across Africa countries. Elon Musk know that Jumia’s connection is far beyond rural areas – this will help his space satellite company reach potential customers in areas with no formal addressing.

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The Satellites that connect Starlink are low-orbit satellites; it’s over 60 times closer to Earth than traditional satellites, resulting in lower latency and the ability to support services such as fast-speed internet connection typically not possible with traditional satellite internet.

In summary, we hope that the partnership between SpaceX and Jumia will helps reduce the shipping cost. Entirely, reducing the price of the Kits in Nigeria.

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