Why Is My ALAT Account Showing Debit Restricted

In this blog post we will be walking you through some of the reasons Why Your ALAT Account Showing Debit Restricted Everything you need to know about Alat Account, so lets get started.

Why Is My ALAT Account Showing Debit Restricted

Why Is My ALAT Account Showing Debit Restricted

Hello! Is your ALAT account showing debit restriction? Here’s possible reason why your ALAT by WEMA account is showing that error message and simple solutions to solve each problems. If you get values from this blog post, please don’t hesitate to share and join our Newsletter.

Debit restriction can be classified into two categories in ALAT bank account; Debit Card Restriction and Funds Transfer Restriction. Yes, ALAT by WEMA is a digital bank in Nigeria and possesses enjoy almost the same right and privilege that traditional banks enjoys.

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Hence, when you see a ‘debit restricted’ error message on your ALAT account, firstly find out what type of restriction it is because looking for possible solutions to it. However, the major reason why an ALAT account is showing debit restricted is ‘Network Issue and Server Downtime‘.

Find out more reason your ALAT account is showing debit restricted.

Why an ALAT Account might be Showing ‘Debit Restricted’?

If the notification is referring to a ‘Debit Card Restriction‘, here are the possible reason why you’re getting the error message:

  1. Security Concern: ALAT uses a leveraged technology to impose security measures to shield their customers from potential fraud or unauthorized transactions. Therefore, if the banking system sense any form of fraudulent activities on your account, it’ll be restricted.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: CBN might change policy anything and for your bank to compliance by the terms, a restriction may be placed on your ALAT debit account.

However, if the notification is referring to ‘Fund Debit Restriction‘, here are possible reasons why you’re getting the error message:

  1. Network/Server Downtime: Network issues are common among Banks in Nigeria, including Digital Banks like ALAT. When this problem occurs, you’ll always withdrawal issues (or Debit Restriction) or it’ll remain at pending until the network is fixed.
  2. Blocked/Inactive Account: There are many reasons why your ALAT might be inactive. Some of the reasons are dormant account, low-tier account that receive huge amount of money, and account that’s been reported severally for potential scam or fraud. However, if your ALAT account is blocked or inactive, it’ll definitely show ‘Debit Restricted’.

In summary, these are the possible reasons why your ALAT account is showing ‘Debit Restricted’. Now, let’s delve into solutions to those problems.

How to Reactivate ALAT Account that’s Showing Debit Restricted

To reactivate your ALAT Account, use USSD method by dialing *945# on your registered mobile number. Then choose ‘Account Reactivation‘ and follow the prompt that follows. Lastly, input your ALAT PIN to complete your actions.

You can also activate your ALAT Account through ALAT app. Simply login to the ALAT app, copy your account number and deposit N500 to the account to automatically activate your ALAT Account. Meanwhile, this method is only to be used to activate an ALAT account that’s dormant.

Lastly, you can contact  ALAT customer support team for help regarding the ‘Account Re-activation‘ and the ‘Debit Restriction‘ that’s imposed on your ALAT Account.

What is the meaning of debit restricted in Alat?

ALAT by Wema Bank is a digital bank in Nigeria that provides online banking services. The term “debit restricted” in ALAT may refer to a situation where certain restrictions have been placed on your debit transactions or card usage.

Possible reasons for debit restrictions in ALAT or any other banking platform could include:

  1. Insufficient Funds: If your account balance is too low to cover a transaction, your card or account may be temporarily restricted from making further debit transactions.
  2. Security Concerns: Unusual or suspicious activity on your account might trigger security measures, leading to a temporary restriction on debit transactions until the issue is resolved.
  3. Card Issuer Restrictions: In some cases, the bank may place temporary restrictions on your debit card for security reasons or as a preventive measure.

To understand the specific reason for the “debit restricted” status in your ALAT account, it’s recommended to contact ALAT customer support directly. You can find their contact information on the ALAT app or website. Customer support will be able to provide you with details on the restriction and guide you on how to resolve the issue.

What is ALAT by Wema?

ALAT by Wema is Nigeria’s first fully functional digital bank. With ALAT, you can do all your banking transactions without being physically present at a bank

How do I open an ALAT account without going to a bank ?

Yes its 100% Possible You can open an ALAT account easily from your phone. Install ALAT from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, open the app and sign up with your Bank Verification Number and a valid phone number.

Must I provide my BVN to open an ALAT account ?

For easier understanding Central Bank of Nigeria regulations require you to have a BVN to own a fully functional account. We need your BVN to automatically retrieve your personal information so you won’t need to fill a lengthy form when signing up.

How is ALAT different from a banking app ?

ALAT is built from scratch to be entirely digital, making all banking services available to you anywhere you can access the internet. In comparison, a banking app-only offers some banking services (typically airtime purchases, bill payments and transfers). With a banking app, you usually still need to go to a physical bank to get a debit card and activate it, submit documents and often, get some kinds of customer support.

Where can I use my virtual card ?

You can pay with your virtual card on all websites and apps that accept dollar cards. You cannot use your virtual card on ATMs, POS terminals and websites that require 3D Secure authentication.

How do I change my ALAT password ?

To change your password, click Settings then click Change My Password.

What will happen if I do not pay off my loan on time ?

If you do not pay off your loan on the due date, you will be charged a late fee and our lending partners may initiate a process to recover the loan. If you skip repayment entirely, you may be blacklisted and it could be very hard for you to get a loan in the future.

Can I pay off my loan before the repayment date ?

Absolutely. You can pay off your loan on the ALAT app on or before the repayment date.

How to transfer money from UBA to ALAT

To send money from UBA to your ALAT By WEMA account, use the following steps;

  1. Open your UBA App & Sign-in
  2. Click the send money menu in the App
  3. Select Account
  4. Select transfer mode by choosing Other banks
  5. Select WEMA Bank and input your ALAT Account Number.
  6. Specify the amount you want to send
  7. Then follow the other prompt from the App.

How to transfer Money from Zenith to ALAT

To transfer money from your Zenith account to your ALAT by WEMA account, follow these steps:

  1. Open and sign in to your Zenith App.
  2. Access the transfer menu within the app.
  3. Choose “Transfer to Other Bank’s Account.”
  4. Select the source account for the transfer.
  5. Under “Select Bank,” choose “WEMA Bank” and input your ALAT Account Number.
  6. Confirm the account name associated with the ALAT account.
  7. Specify the amount you want to send.
  8. Click “Next” and follow the additional prompts from the app to complete the transaction.

How to transfer Money from GTbank to ALAT

To transfer money from your GTBank account to your ALAT by WEMA account, follow these steps:

  1. Open and sign in to your GTBank App.
  2. Navigate to the “transfer” menu within the app.
  3. Choose “New Beneficiary.”
  4. Select the account you want to use for the transfer and specify the amount.
  5. Enter your ALAT account number under the “account to credit” section.
  6. Click “select bank.”
  7. Choose “WEMA Bank” from the list of banks.
  8. Confirm that the beneficiary’s name is correct.
  9. Click “Yes” to save the beneficiary.
  10. Continue and follow the prompts from the app to complete the transaction.

Can I deposit cash into my ALAT account?

For your convenience, you can deposit cash into your ALAT account at any branch of Wema Bank. To find a branch close to you, log in to the ALAT app, click Talk To Us then click Branch & ATM Finder.

How do I create a savings goal?

Here’s how you make a savings goal in simple steps:

  1. Open the Goals section.
  2. Click “Create a New Goal.”
  3. Give your goal a name.
  4. Choose the type of goal you want (like Fixed, Flexi, Dollar, Stash, Investment, Spend & Save, or Lock Up).
  5. Decide how much money you want to save.
  6. Set the date you want to reach your goal.
  7. Choose when you want to start saving.
  8. Pick how often you’ll save (every day, week, or month).
  9. Select the account where your money will be saved.
  10. Click “Create Goal.”

In conclusion, setting up a savings goal is a simple and effective way to achieve financial targets. By following these easy steps – naming your goal, choosing the type, specifying the amount and target date, deciding on a starting date, selecting a saving frequency, and picking the account – you can actively work towards your financial aspirations. Whether it’s for a fixed expense, flexible spending, investment, or any other financial objective, creating a savings goal provides a structured approach to realizing your financial dreams. Start today by taking these steps and watch your savings grow towards a brighter financial future!

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