Ways to check Airtel number and data balance 2024

Ways to check Airtel number and data balance
Ways to check Airtel number and data balance

Airtel is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Nigeria, providing a broad range of services to its customers. As an Airtel user, it’s essential to know how to check both your Airtel number and data balance. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to do so.

1. How to Check Airtel number with USSD

The most straightforward method to find out your Airtel mobile number is by dialing *1213*4# on your Airtel SIM-enabled device. A menu will appear on your screen, providing an option to check your mobile number. Choose that option, and your Airtel number will be displayed on the screen.

2. How to Check your Airtel number by calling a closeby friend 

If you have the number of a friend or family member who is nearby, call or message them and ask them to let you know your Airtel number.

3. How to Check Airtel number on the SIM card pack

If you have the Airtel SIM card package or any related documents, your mobile number might be printed on them. Look for a 10-digit number, usually starting with +234; that’s your Airtel mobile number.

Checking your Airtel data balance


As you likely know, the NCC recently unified the USSD commands for all major networks. Therefore, the old Airtel USSD of *124# no longer works for Airtel. 

So to check your Airtel data balance, dial *323#  on your Airtel line to access the service menu. From there, select the “Data Balance” option, and you’ll receive an SMS containing your current data balance and validity.

Use the My Airtel App to check

Download the MyAirtel App from your device’s app store and sign in using your Airtel mobile number. The app will display your data balance, along with other useful information about your account.

Final thoughts how to check your Airtel number

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to check your Airtel number and data balance. You can use USSD codes, mobile apps, or even ask a friend for assistance. Staying informed about your Airtel account will help you make the most of your mobile experience and stay within your data limits.

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