Cause of Mohbad’s Death Has Finally Surfaced

Mohbad cause of death

Mohbad, the 27 years old Marlians rapper has been reported that he was beaten up with a charm after involving in a fight with some rivals during his live performance at his last show at Ikorodo on Sunday.

After he was allegedly hit with a charm (juju), a source from Mohbad’s team stated that he took a trip to the hospital on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 for medical attention on the infection he developed from an injury, after which, he was administered an injection. “He passed out shortly after the injection and unfortunately did not wake up”.

Mohbad Friend Reviews Causes of His Death

So guys, this is what actually happened. This world is so cruel, we have to be careful who we deal with, and people will mingle with. Most especially, we have to be careful what we eat. If you can recall Dablix’s Death, he was allegedly reported that he was poisoned. Nobody knows what is happening in the Nigerian’s Music Industry anymore.

#Viral Video: Mohbad Dead Body in a Car.

Mohbad of all people was nack with juju. This one choke oooo. Before, almost everyone was accusing Naira Marley, is Marlians boss, for his death. Now, it been clearly unveiled that Naira know nothing about Mohbad’s Death.

This was the same thing that happened to one South African rapper Costa Titch. He died after he appeared to collapse onstage during a performance at a music festival over the weekend. The rapper, whose real name is Constantinos Tsobanoglou, was 28. Tsobanoglou performed at Ultra South Africa in Johannesburg on Saturday.

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On Sunday, September 10, 2023 at Ikorodo, Mohbad suffered the same scenerio, and this is really bad. Mohbad was a very talented artist. He has dropped banger upon banger. He was just pushing hard to become independent artist after he left the Marlians Record Label. But it’s so sad that death cut his life short.

My sincere condolences to Mohbad’s Family!

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