Full List of Showmax Packages and Price in Namibia

Full List of Showmax Packages and Price in Namibia

Full List of Showmax Packages and Price in Namibia In Namibia, Showmax provide two (2) major monthly subscription packages and plans for its customers: Showmax Standard Plan and Showmax Mobile Plan. Furthermore, the Showmax Mobile Plan is slashed into two packages: Showmax Mobile and Showmax Mobile Pro. However, these packages/plans come with different price tags and features and that’s what we’re going to be discussing in this article.

Showmax is a streaming platform like Netflix. It enables users to watch a variety of video contents including TV shows, movies, series, documentaries e. science and solar system, animal kingdoms, children shows and lot more. Showmax is not a TV channel nor have decoder like DSTv, however, its possesses mobile app which is compactible with android devices, iPads, iPhones, tablets, smart TVs,  gaming consoles and other streaming devices.

The Showmax app is available for download on the Google Play Store for android users and Apple app store for iPhone and iPad users. All that’s needed to start using the app in Namibia is an internet-connected device and either Showmax Moblie or Showmax Mobile Pro.

Showmax Packages and Plans in Namibia

Let’s say there are three (3) Showmax subscription packages in Namibia; Showmax Mobile, Showmax Mobile Pro and Showmax Standard. Here’s the feature of those packages and there price per month.

1. Showmax Mobile Plan

Showmax Mobile Plan in Namibia is a subscription package that allows subscribers to stream video contents on the Showmax App per device. In other words, if you’re a Mobile Plan subscriber, you can watch one stream (or one device) at a time only.

2. Showmax Mobile Pro

The Showmax Pro in Namibia allows you to stream different contents on more than five (5) devices at a time, at anywhere and at anytime in point. However, do know that Showmax Mobile and Mobile Pro have the same feature as Showmax Standard, the standard plan is only meant for both large and small screen.

3. Showmax Standard Plan

The Showmax Standard Plan in Namibia comes with varieties of movies, episodes, series, and Tv shows to stream. With the standard plan, Namibians can sign up not more than five (5) devices, watch on two (2) streams at a time, and get exclusive grant to everything on Showmax. In addition, Standard Plan subscribers can also stream on Showmax App.

How Much is Showmax in Namibia

The Price of Showmax in Namibia is tagged according to the packages/plans. For the Mobile Plan, it cost N$39 per month, the Showmax Pro cost N$225 per month, and the Standard Plan cost N$99 per month.

To pay for Showmax in Namibia, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Showmax website on your device browser or download the app to your smartphone.
  • Tap on Sign up and choose your preferred plan.
  • Input your credit/debit card detail to make payment.
  • Input your email address and unique password.
  • Complete payment and start streaming contents on the Showmax platform.

Meanwhile, do note that you’ll be billed once a month and the Showmax pro per month cost N$225, while the mobile plan and standard plan cost N$39 and N$99 per month respectively.

Showmax Pricing and Features for Different Packages in Namibia

Here’s the differences between Showmax Plans and Packages in Namibia.

Showmax PackagesFeaturesPrice ($)
Mobile Plan1 mobile support & app download, offline download, unlimited contents & seriesN$39
Standard Plan5 mobile support & app download, desktop, HD, offline download, unlimited contents & seriesN$99
Showmax Pro5+ mobile support & app download, offline download, HD, unlimited contents & seriesN$225


Showmax offers a variety of subscription plans in Namibia, with prices starting at N$ 39 per month. The most affordable plan is Showmax Mobile, which allows users to stream content on their mobile devices.

For a more comprehensive experience, you can upgrade to Showmax or Showmax Pro, which will offer you additional features such as HD and mobile downloads. Showmax also offers a variety of bundles with other services, such as MTC Spectra, which provide high-speed internet access.

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