Neon Ultra and Neon Smarta: Specifications, Price, Features and More

Neon Ultra and Neon Smarta: Specifications, Price, Features and More

Neon Ultra and Neon Smarta: Specifications, Price, Features and More In October 30, 2023, Kenya celebrated the opening of its first-ever phone factory with the launch of Neon Smarta and Neon Ultra which are available to customers at a retail price of $50 (KES 7,500), $10 above its earlier proposed price. The Kenyan’s smartphone factory is a major milestone in the country’s journey towards digital transformation.

The factory, located in Nairobi, is expected to produce over 1 million smartphones per year, creating jobs for thousands of Kenyans and making affordable technology more accessible to people across the country.

The factory was launched by President William Ruto, who emphasized the importance of technology in empowering people and driving economic growth. “This factory is a symbol of Kenya’s commitment to innovation and its people,” he said. “It will create jobs, boost our economy, and make it easier for Kenyans to access the technology they need to succeed.”

The factory is a partnership between the Kenyan government and Mara Phones, a local company that has been assembling smartphones in Kenya since 2017. Mara Phones is majority-owned by Kenyans, and the factory is expected to create over 1,000 jobs in its first year of operation.

The factory will produce a range of smartphones, including budget-friendly devices that will be affordable for even the poorest Kenyans. This is a significant development, as it will help to bridge the digital divide and ensure that more people have access to the life-changing benefits of technology.

In addition to creating jobs and making affordable technology more accessible, the launch of Kenya’s phone factory is also a major boost for the country’s economy. The factory is expected to generate over $1 billion in revenue for Kenya in its first five years of operation, and it will also attract investment from other technology companies.

The launch of Kenya’s phone factory is a historic moment for the country. It is a testament to Kenya’s commitment to innovation and its people, and it is a sign of the country’s bright future.

Neon Smarta and Neon Ultra Specifications

Neon Ultra - Kenyan's Smartphone

Here’s the Kenya’s Neon Smarta and Neon Ultra phone specifications:

PhoneDisplayRAMStorageNetworkPrice (KES)SIM
Neon Smarta5 inches2GB32 ROM4GKES7,500Single
Neon Ultra6.5 inches2GB32 ROM4GKES11,500Single

In summary, do note that these are the same specifications as the devices that were previously listed on Safaricom’s e-commerce platform, Masoko, but the prices have been increased by KES 500 ($3.3).

Neon Smarta Specifications, Price and Features

This smartphone is still cool for an average Kenyan who’s not more than social media platforms on the worldwide web. Although, Neon Smarta is a low-budget phone that offers basic smartphone functionalities, however, it cannot be compared with Neon Ultra or other advance smartphones like iPhone and Samsung.

Well, I’m not looking down on the production, in fact I give Kenya’s Government a Kudos for embarking on such a great project’s journey. That’s, the Kenyan’s Smartphones are still in its early stage, they’re expected to get more advance features in the coming flagships.

In a nutshell, here are Neon Smarta’s Specifications, Price and Features:

  1. Battery: Neon Smarta is powered by 3000Mah Battery, which can last for maximum of 5hours in a single charge. However, you should also know that this reasonable amount of usage depends on operating patterns.
  2. Price: Neon Smarta’s Price is tagged at KES7, 500 in Kenya. Furthermore, after purchased, you’ll be offered a free daily 100MB and 5 minutes call.
  3. Storage/RAM: Neon Smarta is backed with an in-built 32 GB storage. With this internal storage, you’ll be able to download, install and store your applications, music, videos, photos and other document files. Additionally, Neon Smarta is equipped with an operating memory of 2GB RAM which allows you to run softwares and apps smoothly.
  4. Camera: Neon Smarta is built with a 5-megapixel back camera and an 2-megapixel front camera. With these camera, you can have your exciting moments secured on your Smartphone.
  5. Display/Size: Neon Smarta is offered in not more than 5.0 inches screen display and size. This is enough for an average smartphone to give it user a spacious and immersive viewing experience.

Lastly, it’s important to let you know that if you purchase Noen Smarta on Safaricom website, the company will give you 1-year warranty. However, also note that this offer only covers manufacturing defects and ensures that you can seek support and repairs before the expiry of the one year period.

Neon Ultra Specifications, Price and Features

The Neon Ultra is more advance than the Neon Smarta. Although, they’re launched the same day by Kenyan’s Government and they’re also the same flagship, but the Noen Ultra posseses more advance features such as larger screen size, more advance camera pixels and more powerful battery efficiency.

Here’s Neon Ultra Specifications, Price Tag and Features:

  1. Battery: Neon Ultra is offered with an in-built of 3750 MaH battery capacity. With more power efficiency, you can enjoy the spending more time on your smartphone doing what you do best.
  2. Price tag: Noen Ultra is offered at a vary price of KES11, 500. However, you should know that this price varies depending on dollar rate and economy status.
  3. RAM/Storage: Neon Ultra have an built-in storage of 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM for storing and processing.
  4. Camera: Neon Ultra have a specialized back-phone camera of 8-megapixel and a 5-megapixel & 2-megapixel front-phone camera in combination.
  5. Screen Size/Display: Neon Ultra have a maximum screen size of 6.5-inch display. This is more favorable, spacious and immersive for gamers and video streamers.

Additionally, Neon Ultra also have a warranty when bought on Safaricom website. The smartphone also comes with free 120MB daily data and 5 minutes free calls. However, also note that the Safaricom 1-year warranty only cover manufacturing defects, support and quick repair within the warranty period. Any damages after that, responsibility would be beared by you.

Neon Smarta vs Neon Ultra

Neon Ultra Front View and Neon Smarta Front and Back Views

Normally, Neon Ultra is more advance than Neon Smarta. The Neon Ultra device offers more functionalities and features than the Neon Smarta. Without much hype, here are the differences between the two smartphones.

PhoneScreen SizeBatteryCameraFree DataPrice (KES)
Neon Smarta5 inches3000mAh5MP + 2MP100MB DailyKES7,500
Neon Ultra6.5 inches3750mAh8MP + 5MP120MB DailyKES11,500

Now, you can see how Neon Smarta and Neon Ultra are differs. Furthermore, it’s important to let you know that these smartphones have their own downsides which includes Safaricom lock, a limit features placed on both devices that’s restricting users to switch mobile carriers or SIM cards.

Neon Ultra and Neon Smarta also have limited RAM, low quality camera (compared to more advance smartphones like iPhone, Redmi, Google Pixel and Samsung), limited storage, inefficient battery life and software limitations.

In conclusion, the Neon Ultra and Neon Smarta smartphones are still in their early stages of development, but they have the potential to revolutionize the smartphone market in Kenya and beyond. These smartphones are affordable, locally assembled, and offer a range of features that are typically only found on more expensive devices. It will be interesting to see how these phones develop and mature in the coming months and years.

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