How To Create A Facebook Account Page | Simple Steps

How To Create A Facebook Account Page | Simple Steps-Yes, a billion, meaning about 37% of the world’s people use Facebook at least once a month.

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Facebook’s reach is huge all over the world. And it’s no secret that businesses of all sizes must use Facebook to reach the vast, captive audience on the social media site.

Facebook is an excellent way for companies to reach new customers worldwide. The site also gives you a perfect way to keep current and returning customers interested in your brand and turn them into advocates.

On the other hand, because Facebook has such a huge list of businesses, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Either people need help finding your Facebook Business Page, or you can’t make it stand out from your competitors.

This guide will show you how to make a clean and enjoyable Facebook Business Page stand out. Setting up a Facebook Business Page takes little time, especially considering the benefits it can bring your business.

 How To Create A Facebook Account page

Follow these twelve easy steps to make an outstanding Facebook Business Page.

Step 1: Go to the Page for Facebook Business.

To start putting up your Facebook Business Page, go to Select “Create a Page” from the menu in the top right spot.

Step 2: Make a Facebook page for your business

When you click “Create a Page,” Facebook will ask you to tell it more about the kind of Page you want to make. Pick “Business or Brand.”

Step 3: Choose a group.

You will now choose the area that your business fits into. Make sure you make the right choice in this step because putting yourself in the correct category will make it easier for people to find you.

Step 4: Fill in page info

Next, give your business a Page Name. This should just be your business’s name. Now, tell people what your company does, your services, or what the Page is for. Don’t use more than 255 characters in your text.

Step 5: Put pictures in

Now is the time to add a profile picture and cover shot for your business. Adobe Express makes creating or changing your business’s Facebook cover photo easy. Still, trying to figure out where to begin? Get ideas from one of our Facebook cover picture templates and change them.

Step 6: Link your WhatsApp account to your Facebook business page.

People will find it easier to contact you if you link your Facebook Business page to your WhatsApp account. This step is not required, but it can help get people involved.

Step 7: Add more information about your business.

Give as much information as possible about your business on your Facebook Business Page to improve it. The tool “Set your Page up for Success” will help you do this.

Step 8: Make a login name

Set a name for your business that is both unique and explains what it does. So, you can quickly share your Business Page by using the @ symbol on business cards, your website, or even by word of mouth if your name is memorable enough.

Step 9: Ask people to join the team

If you’re running your business alone, you can skip this step. But if you want to work with someone on this Facebook Page, add them now.

Find the “Settings” button at the bottom of your Page’s left sidebar.

Click on Settings and look for “Page Roles” in the tab on the left. On the Page Roles page, you can invite team members by their email address or Facebook identity. You can also choose one of the following roles for them:

  • Administrator (can change rules)
  • Editor (can change things)
  • Moderator (has control over which posts are shown)
  • Analysts can see Facebook statistics and can buy and post ads.

Step 10: Post your first update to your Facebook business page

Putting something on your Facebook Business Page is almost the same as putting something on your own Facebook page. Click “Create Post” to start making changes to your post.

But there are some differences. For example, you can make an ad for a job or an offer like a sale or a discount on a product.

We suggest you add a post that tells people about any extraordinary things your business is doing. This is a great way to show your new followers what to expect from your Facebook Business Page and to welcome them to your Page.

It’s essential to make an excellent first impression on your audience so they are more likely to “Like” the Page. When someone Likes your Page, they are immediately subscribed and will see your future posts in their Facebook feed.

Need ideas for your first post on Facebook Business? Check out our free graphic post themes for Facebook that you can copy and change to fit your needs.

Step 11: Ask people to follow your business page on Facebook.

If you’ve done everything we’ve told you to do so far, people should be able to find your Business Page by looking for it on Facebook or Google.

But you’ll still have to work to get people to visit your shop. There are two ways this happens:

1) Invite your friends on Facebook to like the Page by hand. Use the “Invite Friends to Like Your Page” button on the back end of your Page to do this.

2) Use paid ads to help people find the Page.

Step 12: Use Adobe Express Content Scheduler to plan your posts.

Now that your Facebook Business Page is up and running, it’s time to make a Facebook plan for your business. Use Adobe Express’s Content Scheduler to plan, schedule, preview, and publish social media posts on all your channels, including your brand-new Facebook Business Page. We’re excited to see what you come up with.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Business Page

1.    Does a Facebook Page vary from a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Page and Facebook Business Page are both names for the same thing: a Facebook page for your business.

2.    Is it free to have a Facebook Business Page?

Yes, it’s free to set up a Facebook Business Page. You don’t have to use paid services like Facebook ads and boosting posts.

3.    Can I keep my Facebook Business Page separate from my account?

Yes. Your personal Facebook account and Facebook Business Page are not linked on Facebook and won’t be mentioned on each other.

To make and manage a Facebook Business Page, you need a personal account, but you can always make a separate individual page with your work email address.

4.    What’s the best size for a cover picture on a Facebook page?

In 2023, the best size for a Facebook Page cover picture is 851px by 315px. Check our social media picture size guide for the most up-to-date information on constantly changing platforms.


With your Facebook Business Page, you’ll be able to reach many people who might buy from you. Luckily, it’s easy to set up your Page. Just do what the five steps above say to do.

Having a partner handle your social media can be helpful so you don’t have to post new content all the time. When you bring in an expert like Scorpion, you can find that balance between work and life you may have lost as a small business owner.

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