How to Pay Showmax with MTN

Showmax with MTN

You can pay your Showmax subscription using MTN MoMo Account only. This means, you cannot pay for Showmax with MTN Airtime or any other MTN products. However, in this guide, we’re going to be teaching you how to pay for showmax in Nigeria using MTN Momo Account.

Showmax is a popular streaming service in Africa. The platform is like other world-known services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Although, Showmax is a platform for Africans, however, its offers a wide variety of African and international TV shows, movies, and series.

With MTM MoMo, you can make seamless payment for Showmax subscription in Nigeria per month. MTN MoMo is a mobile money platform of MTN Nigeria, just like Airtel Money. MTN is a telecommunication company in Nigeria and other various Africans countries like South Africa, Benin, Ghana and Togo.

Generally, MTN has made it easy for any users with a MoMo account to subscribe to Showmax at any time in point. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ugandan, or South African, if you have MTN MoMo account, you can pay for Showmax without hassle.

Additionally, MTN is also offering Showmax Bundle Deals for it customers. With this, you can get 30 percent discount on your Showmax subscription plus get 25 hours of MTN data to watch the best of local and international video contents.

All these services are offered by MTN based on its partnership with Showmax. It’s also important to let you know that most of these services (e.g Showmax Bundle Deal from MTN) are for Nigerians only. However, without FodaAdo, let’s dive straight into the primary reasons of this article.

How you can pay for Showmax with MTN MoMo

Follow these process to pay for Showmax with your MTN MoMo Account.

  • First of all, if you don’t have a MTN MoMo Account, you will have to create one by visiting MTN service center or agent. You can also create a MTN MoMo Account online or via USSD by dialing *502#.
  • Once you have a MoMo account, visit on your web browser or explore the service via app.
  • Login to your Showmax account and navigate to plans/packages.
  • Choose your preferred plans; Showmax Mobile, Showmax Standard and Showmax Pro.
  • Proceed to payment page and choose “Pay with MTN MoMo”.
  • Input your MTN MoMo phone. It’s also the same as your MTN mobile number.
  • A payment request will be sent to your registered mobile number, to confirm the pay, enter your MTN MoMo PIN.
  • Once the payment is down, you’ll get SMS or Email alerts informing you that your payment is successful.

Sincerely, these are just the process to pay for Showmax with MTN. However, to enjoy your streaming on Showmax with low-budget data bundle, you can opt-in for MTN’s Showmax Bundle Deal. Here’s how.

How to buy Showmax Data Bundle from MTN

In most cases, people refer to “buying Showmax bundle deal from MTN” as “how can I pay for Showmax with MTN Airtime”. I want you to know that Showmax Bundle Deal offer from MTN is just a low-budget data bundle that allows you to get 2.5GB of MTN data and 25 hours of viewing time to stream anything on Showmax.

Hence, you cannot pay for Showmax with MTN Airtime. You can only use the MTN Airtime to subscribe to, or buy Showmax Data Bundle. Follow these guides to purchase the Showmax Data Bundle from MTN:

Method 1

Dial *312# on your MTN number. From the prompt that appears, choose option 0 which is “Next”. Then, choose option 8 (Video Packs) and lastly choose option 3 (Showmax Mobile). Here, you will be offered two data subscription bundles:

  1. 2.5GB + Showmax Mobile or 2.5GB Showmax Pro Mobile for N1,700 per month.
  2. 5.5GB + Showmax Mobile or 5.5GB Showmax Pro Mobile for N2,500 per month.

Next, choose your preferred plan and accept the term as one-time transaction. The data bundle payment will be charged from your MTN Airtime balance.

Method 2

  • Login to your Showmax account via app or web.
  • Navigate to MTN Data Bundle Offers page.
  • Choose your preferred bundle plan; 2.5GB + Showmax or 5.5GB + Showmax.
  • An USSD code will be generated and send to your registered phone number.
  • Dial the USSD code to confirm your purchase. Your MTN Airtime balance will be charged for the purchase.


In this article, we have explored the methods for buying Showmax Data Bundle with MTN and how to pay for Showmax using MTN MoMo. Both methods are quick, easy, and secure, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. With a Showmax subscription, you’ll have access to a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and documentaries, so you’ll never be short of something to watch.

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