How to Reactivate ALAT Account [Easy Methods]

ALAT by WEMA: Account Reactivation Process
How to Reactivate ALAT by WEMA Inactive Account

Is your ALAT Account showing Inactive? If yes, then you’ve been temporary restricted from using Wema ALAT Account. However, in this guide, we’ll walk you through the easy process of re-activating your ALAT Account.

ALAT is the first online bank in Nigeria. The digital bank is owned by Wema Bank, one of the most popular bank in Nigeria. With ALAT, you can perform almost all banking transactions without needing to visit a physical bank branch.

Why is my ALAT Account showing Inactive?

Your ALAT account might be showing “Inactive” due to not using the account for a very long time. Another possible reasons your account is showing inactive might prior to violating Wema Bank’s policy.

Furthermore, your account might be inactive because the account has been reported severally for potential scam or fraud. Hence, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) suspended the account.

Inactive/Restricted ALAT Account

A restricted or inactive ALAT account will not be able to perform any banking activities such as money transfer, payment of bills, mobile top up and other transactions. However, re-activating your account will get you back on your feet.

To re-activate Wema ALAT Account is simple. It can be done via USSD code, ALAT mobile app and through contacting customer care service.

Meanwhile, process to the next section to learn how to reactivate your ALAT account.

Re-activate your ALAT Account

Use the following methods to activate your ALAT Account when dormant:


To reactivate your ALAT account using USSD code, dial *945# and select option with the “Account Reactivation” in the prompt. Next, input your ALAT PIN to validate your actions.

ALAT Mobile Banking App

Login to your ALAT Mobile banking app and copy your account number. Deposit a minimum of N500 to the account number and the account will be automatically re-activated.

Money deposited method of account reactivation is necessary for ALAT account that has been in dormant status for five (5) years or more.

Contact WEMA

This is another way to re-activate your ALAT dormant account. Connect with WEMA ALAT Customer Care Center through email: or

Highlight your purpose of writing the email, title your composition with “ALAT Account Reactivation”, and add your valid ID card in the Email’s attachment.


Re-activating your ALAT inactive account is as easy as that. Using USSD, Mobile App or Contacting, you can simply reactivate your dormant account.

Do let us know in the comments section if you’ve successfully get back your account working as normal.

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