Internet: MTN Nigeria is Now Offering 5GB and 1GB Data for N500 and N100 Respectively

MTN Nigeria has recently rolled out new data offers for subscribers internet web browsing. In other words, MTN has introduced 1GB data for N100 and 5GB data for N500. However, this offer is only available for purchase on every Tuesday.

MTN is the leading telecommunication companies in Nigeria. The company has over 76.7 millions active users in the quarter of 2023. In addition to varieties of data and airtime bonus the internet company has been offering since it’s launched, a special Tuesday offer that give users 5GB of data for N500 or 1GB of data for N100 has also been introduced.

However, I have compiled this article to show you everything you need to know about MTN Tuesday Data Offer, including how to purchase and official time frame for the offers to end. Now, let’s get started!

MTN Tuesday 5GB and 1GB Data Offer

The MTN Tuesday Offer 5GB For N500 and 1GB for N100 is only available for MTN subscribers in Nigeria. Furthermore, this data discount plans are valid for 24 hours and 7days respectively.

In other words, the 5GB for N500 MTN data discount is valid for 24 hours only, and the 1GB for N100 data discount is valid for 7days. Moreover, it worth mentioning that this MTN data offers are only available on Tuesday.

This MTN data MB can be used for various internet purposes including streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix, downloading files like Songs and Music Videos, playing online games and other internet activities.

As stated earlier, I’m going to show you how to purchase these data bundle on MTN Number. Buying MTN 5GB and 1GB can be done in two different ways. However, continue reading to learn the both methods to subscribe to the MTN discount data.

How to Buy 5GB for N500 and 1GB for N100 on MTN

There are two (2) methods to purchase MTN data bundles of Tuesday’s 5GB for N500 and 1GB for N100.

Buy MTN Tuesday Data Offer via USSD

Follow these steps to purchase 1GB or 5GB MTN Tuesday data offers using USSD Code;

  • Go-to your call app and dial *406# on your dialer.
  • From the next prompt, choose option “Tuesday Offer”
  • To buy 5GB, select 1 or 2 to buy 1GB
  • Input your MTN PIN to authorize your purchase.
  • Confirm your order and your MTN balance will be debited.

Buy Tuesday Data Offer via MyMTN App.

If you don’t have MyMTN Account or the app installed on your smartphone, you’ll have to download the app on Google play store or Apple app store for iOS device users. Here’s how;

  1. Tap this link to download MyMTN app.
  2. Launch the app and login using your MTN SIM details
  3. Next, click on “Data” tab and click on “Tuesday Offer” banner that’s available on the top page.
  4. Select your preferred data plan e.g 5Gb for N500 or 1GB for N100.
  5. Confirm your data order and tap on “Buy”
  6. Lastly, input your MyMTN PIN and click on “BUY”

Once the process is completed, you will receive your data and the money will be deducted from your balance. This also means, if you’re running on insufficient funds on your MTN Number, the data purchases will be declined.

Using MTN 5GB and 1GB Tuesday Data Offer.

I can say this offer is one of the cheapest MTN data discount in history. With just N100, you get 1GB for 7days and with N500, you get 5GB for 24hours. Meanwhile, the only downside I see in this internet offer is; it can only be subscribed to on Tuesday.

Furthermore, these MTN Tuesday data offers cannot be share or transfer to another MTN users. It can only be used on the internet to browse, download and stream music and videos.

How to get 1GB data for 100 on MTN?

How to get 1GB data for 100 on MTN? To activate the MTN cheat code 100 for 1GB, first, make sure that you have received an SMS from MTN about the N100 for 1GB data plan OFFER, then dial *312*100# to subscribe to the MTN 1GB for 100 Naira.

How to get 5GB with 500 on MTN?

How to get 5GB with 500 on MTN? Firstly type the USSD code *312*8# and choose the special day package that is available for you and enjoy it! In addition, you can access this special offer at any time from the menu *406# or *312*1#. Remember, to check the data balance of your MTN offer on Tuesday is by clicking on *312*4#.

How to get 5GB for 1000 on MTN?

How to get 5GB for 1000 on MTN? This is an excellent deal for anyone who needs a substantial amount of data for browsing, downloading, streaming, and other internet activities. To subscribe to this offer, you need to have at least N1000 worth of airtime on your MTN line. Then, dial *131106# or send 106 to 131 via SMS to activate the offer.

How much is 5GB MTN data in Nigeria?

How much is 5GB MTN data in Nigeria? Did you know that you can Get 5GB data for N500 on the. myMTN NG app. Download the app now to enjoy! Text myMTN to 5018.

Do let us know in the comments section if you’re having problems subscribing to this data bundle. We promise to respond as quick as possible. Cheers!

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