Nigerian Air Force Ranks, Allowance And Salary 2024

Nigerian Air Force
Nigerian Air Force

The Nigerian Air Force, established in 1964, is a crucial branch of the Nigerian military responsible for ensuring the protection of Nigeria through air operations. In addition to air defense, the Nigerian Air Force often collaborates with other military forces, such as the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy, to address various security challenges.

The Nigerian Air Force is a well-structured force that has a clear chain of command. This is possible because of the way the ranks and Salary is structured.

The Nigerian Air Force ranks are divided into two categories the same way the the Nigerian Army Ranks And the Nigerian Navy ranks is divided. The Commissioned officers and Non-commissioned officers.

The Nigerian Air Force, like many military organizations worldwide, has a hierarchical structure with two main categories of officers: Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. Commissioned Officers hold higher ranks and are responsible for making strategic decisions and issuing commands, often referred to as commanders. On the other hand, Non-Commissioned Officers are junior officers who receive orders from higher-ranking officers.

Nigerian Air Force Ranks

Nigerian Air Force Ranks

In the Nigerian Air Force, individuals who join with an SSCE certificate are assigned the rank of Aircraftman. Those with a National Diploma certificate are given the rank of Lance Corporal or Corporal, depending on the trade test used during recruitment. Graduates holding HND or BSC qualifications are assigned the rank of Flying Officer in the Nigerian Air Force.

Below is the Nigerian Air Force Ranks for the Commissioned Officers.

1. Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force
2. Air Chief Marshal
3. Air Marshal
4. Air Vice-Marshal
5. Air Commodore
6. Group Captain
7. Wing Commander
8. Squadron Leader
9. Flight Lieutenant
10. Flying Officer
11. Pilot Officer

The Non-commissioned officers ranks are:

  • Air Warrant Officer
  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Warrant Officer
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Lance Corporal
  • Aircraftman

The salary structure of the Nigerian Air Force is determined by both rank and years of service. Nigerian Air Force officers receive competitive compensation, and the salary structure is considered attractive when compared to other military forces in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Air Force offers varying monthly salaries based on educational qualifications:

  • SSCE certificate holders receive approximately ₦52,892.
  • National Diploma holders are paid between ₦57,892 and ₦67,892 monthly.
  • HND or BSC certificate holders receive up to ₦200,892 monthly.

It’s important to note that these figures represent the starting salaries, and they may increase with additional years of service.

Nigerian Air Force Salary 2024

As at 2024, the complete salaries of Nigerian Air Force officers are as follows:

Nigerian Air Force Salary 2024

1. Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force: ₦2,800,000 monthly
2. Air Chief Marshal: ₦2,113,602 monthly
3. Air Marshal: ₦1,838,711 monthly
4. Air Vice-Marshal: ₦1,699,451 monthly
5. Air Commodore: ₦977,895 monthly
6. Group Captain: ₦852,631 monthly
7. Wing Commander: ₦742,586 monthly
8. Squadron Leader: ₦648,004 monthly
9. Flight Lieutenant: ₦332,484 monthly
10. Flying Officer: ₦218,400 monthly
11. Pilot Officer: ₦187,159 monthly

The Non-commissioned officers salaries are:

  • Air Warrant Officer: ₦171,793 monthly
  • Master Warrant Officer: ₦165,697 monthly.
  • Warrant Officer: ₦101,974 monthly.
  • Flight Sergeant: ₦97,115 monthly.
  • Sergeant: ₦87,119 monthly.
  • Corporal: ₦65,261 monthly.
  • Lance Corporal: ₦59,261 monthly.
  • Aircraftman: ₦52,892 monthly.

The figures provided represent the Nigerian Air Force Salary for the year 2024 and the corresponding ranks. It’s crucial to be aware that the Nigerian Air Force Salary may undergo changes at any time, influenced by factors such as the current government and the country’s economic conditions.

Nigerian Air Force Allowance

The Nigerian Air Force provides various allowances to its personnel in addition to their main salary. The allowances include:

  1. Accommodation Allowance: This is provided to cover the cost of accommodation for the personnel.
  2. Transport Allowance: This allowance is given to cater to transportation expenses.
  3. Hazard Allowance: This allowance is paid to personnel exposed to hazardous conditions.
  4. Flight Duty Allowance: Personnel involved in flight duties receive this allowance.
  5. Special Operations Allowance: This is paid to personnel engaged in special operations.
  6. Peculiar Allowance: Personnel receive this allowance based on specific peculiar conditions of service.
  7. General Service Allowance: This allowance is for general services rendered.
  8. Personal Allowance: It covers personal expenses of personnel.

It’s important to note that these allowances are subject to change and may vary based on specific conditions and government policies.

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