TG Omori Explain Why He Stopped Making Music Video For Asake

TG Omori
TG Omori

TG Omori explained in an interview on Zero condition podcast why he desist from shooting music video for popular YBNL musician – Asake. TG Omori, otherwise known as Boy Director is a very popular Nigerian music director and cinematographer, he’s well know for making exclusive music videos.

Rumors surfaced when Asake used another music video producer for his most latest project. It was reported that Asake was angry with TG omori since their music video production “YOGA,” did not receive as much hype as his past videos, such as “ORGANIZE” which began the deal between both of them in 2022.

According to TG on the podcast radio, he said “even husband and wife dey divorce, people do have a break. I think we have done enough, we have done like 12 videos. We are still very cool. You know it is a business and at the end of the day, you have to respect your client’s decisions.”

He also emphasis that it will be unjust to hold the business disagreement between him and Asake against Olamide, the CEO of YBNL record label. He also made mention that he has given Asake the privilege to tryout new things. He said that he didn’t know why Asake could use another director for his video “because me and YBNL are forever. And you know how me and Olamide ‘go like way back’, and Olamide is a type that makes sure that everybody eats. And before I came, he was working with other directors and he gave me the opportunity to also do my thing”.

“So he’s working with a very creative guy now. A very good guy that’s doing well too. That’s Olamide for you. And if I take that personal, then I have messed up.” Said TG Omori. – Daily Post Report.

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