8 things to Get Ready Before JAMB Registration Begins

8 things to Get Ready Before JAMB Registration Begins

8 things to Get Ready Before JAMB Registration Begins, The commencement date for the sale of the 2024 UTME/DE form has been scheduled for January 15th, 2024, with the registration period extending until February 26th, 2024. In light of this, prospective UTME candidates should be aware of the expectations and ensure all necessary requirements are prepared before the registration begins. Early preparation is a crucial factor for a seamless registration process and success in the UTME.

8 things to Get Ready Before JAMB Registration Begins

This post will guide you on what to do while waiting for the commencement of the 2024 UTME sales of form and registration. Ensure you are well-prepared by following these steps:

  1. Get Your National Identification Number (NIN):
    Acquiring a NIN has become a mandatory requirement for UTME/DE registration. If you don’t have one yet, follow the provided guidelines here to obtain it promptly.
  2. Have a Registered Phone Number for Profile Code Creation Ready:
    Prepare a registered phone number to generate a profile code before registration begins. Send your NIN through this registered phone number to a provided shortcode. Ensure this phone number is valid and registered for future SMS updates from JAMB.
  3. Get a Free Email Address:
    Having a registered email address is essential for UTME registration. Use a free and easily accessible service like Gmail to create an email account. This serves as a backup for communication and profile access.
  4. Know the Course You Want to Study:
    Decide on the course you intend to study ahead of time. Take this opportunity to think about your career goals and academic interests. Choose a course you are passionate about, and consider having alternative (2nd choice) courses in mind.
  5. Know the School You Intend to Apply to:
    Research and decide on the institution you want to apply to. Consider factors such as whether the school offers your chosen course, admission requirements, school fees, and personal preferences. Have alternative choices, including polytechnics or colleges of education.
  6. Know the Subject Combination for Your Course:
    Understand the correct subject combination for your chosen course and institution. Consult “The JAMB Brochure” for the required subjects. Choosing the wrong combination can jeopardize your chances of admission.
  7. Ask for Guidance:
    If you have any uncertainties or need guidance, use the “Ask A Question” section on our website or join the JAMB 2024 WhatsApp group for instant answers and discussions.
  8. Start Studying Now:
    Begin your studies early, focusing on smart learning. Utilize resources like the Reatech JAMB CBT Mobile App or Software, containing over 60,000 past questions. Practice with these tools to familiarize yourself with the exam format.

Stay prepared, and once the UTME registration begins, we will provide step-by-step details on how to proceed successfully. Keep an eye on Reatech for updates.

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