Anonymous Sudan Telegram Channels and Groups

Anonymous Sudan is a group of cyberattackers in Sudan. The Anonymous hackers has attacted several digital infrastructures of many Western countries including France, Australia, Sweden, United Arabic Emirates (UAE), Israel and United States of America (USA) through it DDoS attacks. Currently, the group of hacktivists is attacking Kenya, and they’re accepting the fact via Telegram Channel.

Anonymous Sudan was founded in January, 2023 by Killnet, a prominent hacker group that’s based in Russia. Killnet turn in Anonymous Sudan membership application with aims to support in attacking Western countries and countries opposing Russia. Meanwhile, Killnet Anonymous Sudan Telegram information is not hidden.

All cyber attacks being carried out by Anonymous Sudan are updated in their Telegram Channel and Group. So, if you’re looking for Anonymous Sudan Telegram Groups or Channels, I have highlighted it in this article. However, do note that this Channel and Group can be accessed through Telegram web or app.

It’s also important to keep in mind that joining this channel or group is at your own risk. You might get influenced and find yourself ending up to be a bahda guy hacker. Meanwhile, before I dive fully into highlighting Anonymous Sudan Telegram Channel and Group, check out the first post on the Telegram Channel.

Anonymous Sudan First Telegram Update.

The Sudan Hacker first post on Telegram appeared on June 15th. The image stated that “attacks against the Europe financial institutions would begin in 48 hours from the news article.”

Anonymous Sudan First Telegram Post

Anonymous Sudan Telegram

  • Channel: @AnonymousSudan
  • Telegram Group: @AnonymousSudan
  • Telegram Bot: @AnonymousSudan_Bot
  • Hashtags: AnonymousSudan#
  • Telegram Chat: @AnonymousSudanChat
  • Backup Channel: @ShaggMajnoon
  • Backup Channel: @AnonymousSudsana03

Anonymous Sudan Telegram Channel and Group

There are lots of fake channels and groups on Telegram posing to be Anonymous Sudan’s, a typical example is @AnonymoisSudan. However, Killnet’s Anonymous Sudan Telegram Channels are the ones listed above.

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