Threads App Usage and Live User Count vs Twitter’s

Threads app usage declines twice from it initial boost. The app daily active users have declined from 49Millions to 23.6Millions in just seven (7) days.

During the inception, social media users are hoping that Threads will replace Twitter because of it initial surge. However, despite the large number of users it’s attracted more than other Twitter alternatives like TruthSocial, Bluesky and the open source Mastodon, Threads does not yet have live users coming back steadily.

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Based on statistics from Similarweb, this article is created. Moreso, it’s noteworthy that all information quoted in this page are based on Android usage analytics, which is somewhat seamless to track than usage on iOS.

On the 7th of July 2023 which happened to be the best day of Threads, the Instagram’s app had more than 49 million daily active users worldwide. That’s probably 45 percent of the usage of Twitter, which had more than 109 million active Android users that day. However, by Friday, July 14, Threads was down to 23.6 million active users, an estimated of 22% of Twitter’s engagement.

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Furthermore, the United States is the most active country on the Threads app. On average, the nation is counted for an estimated 21 minutes of users engagement in July 7. But by July 14, Threads app usage dropped to a little over 6 minutes.

In the first two full days that Threads was generally available, Thursday and Friday, web traffic to was down 5 percent compared with the same days of the previous week. Although traffic bounced back, for the most recent 7 days of data it’s still down 11% year-over-year.

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On the good days on Threads, Twitter’s Daily active users on Android, worldwide, were virtually unchanged, but time spent was down 4.3 percent – perhaps because some users were off trying Threads. Even with that decline however, the average total usage on Twitter was about 25 minutes.

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