WhatsApp Is No Longer Private, Here Are 5 Secret Messaging Apps For Android

Not quite long ago, WhatsApp finally released it Channels feature globally. This has spike reactions among netizens. Many social media users are saying is WhatsApp still among the privacy-focused social messaging app?

In June 2023, WhatsApp introduced Channels and was immediately rolled out in some countries like Kenya e.t.c., however, the feature is now globally launched. According to Meta, parents company of messaging app, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, Channels offer a straightforward, dependable, and private means to receive crucial updates from individuals and organisations within the WhatsApp app.

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But how true is this? In this article, we’re going to be reviewing the newly launched WhatsApp feature called Channels and some privacy-focused social media messaging apps you can switch to if WhatsApp is no more you kind of thing.

How does WhatsApp Channels Works?

I can say Channels on WhatsApp is a new ways to large broadcasting. This feature allows owner/admin to send contents such as polls, texts, images, videos, voice notes and stickers to followers of the Channels. WhatsApp has lost it claim as a privacy-focused social messaging app in the sense that the company has just built a searchable directory to help users discover channels that match their interests.

In other words, with the ‘Searchable Directory’ feature that’s present on WhatsApp Channels, you’ll be able to explore and discover Channels that’s matches your personal hobbies, follow up your interested artists, receice updates from local and international authorities, join large discussion and many other things as such that are accessable on WhatsApp Channels.

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In addition, to join a Channel on WhatsApp, you’ll have the invitation link shared via DM, email or online post. Through this, you can be live in a Channel. You can also request to become a participant/follower of a Channel by clicking on the ‘Find Channels’ button and tap the plus (+) icon to send a request to the administrator. Your application will be reviewed and feedback will be sent.

WhatsApp Channels Features

Features of WhatsApp Channels

The Meta-owned social messaging app, WhatsApp rolled out Channels with some additional features to spice the owe things up. In other words, the additional features are included to give more updates and functionalities for a better user experience. Here are WhatsApp Channels Features:

1. Modification

Channels came in hand with an Editing feature. This feature allows administrators and moderators to modify or update their contents for a duration of up to 30 days before they are automatically deleted from the company’s servers.

2. Directory

This feature allows you to search for favorite WhatsApp Channels – it’s an advance searchable directory that suggest Channels automatically base on your region, and activeness, popularity, topics and followers count of the Channel. With Directory, you can find and join your hobby Channels.

3. Reference

This is the feature I love must on WhatsApp Channels. It’s also called Forwarding, it gives references link back to a Channel whenever the Channel’s contents or files are shared within Chats or Groups. The Forwarding feature on Channels is a great tool that allows people to discover and build your Channels in no time.

4. Reactions

This feature provides emoji reactions within the Channel. This is the way followers can give give responses to your post on the community. In other words, it’s used for giving feedbacks and observe the total reaction count.

Best Secret Messaging Apps For Android

As WhatsApp is no more a private messaging app because of its newly launched Channels, here is the best secret messaging app for Android you can tryout now.

1. Signal – Private Messenger

Signal Secure Messenger App

SPM is one of the best secret chat app for lovers. The messaging app offers easy-to-use and chat-lock interface that’s essential in every private chatting apps. Furthermore, it highest security and messages-encrypted features makes it standout among the secret messaging apps that look like something else. Like WhatsApp, Signal Private Messenger is a free-to-use messaging app but supports donations.

2. Wire – Secure Messenger

Wire Secure Messenger

Wire is a just like a cheating secret messaging app that look like Games; it’s one of the most secure communication social platform. It mobile application which is available for Android, F-Droid and iOS doesn’t only lock your chat, it also give your chat a high end-to-end encrypted security. I can say Wire Messaging App is a secret app that safeguards your DMs beyond a solid vault. Wire is a Freemium application; it offers a free services with in-app purchases.

3. Dust – Private Messaging App

Dust Private Messenger

Dust, otherwise known as CyberDust is another best private social messaging app that safeguards your chattings with high end-to-end encrypted security from intruder or potential hackers; it’s a safer place to text. With Dust App, you can you can deal with your advanced existence effortlessly, it is completely safe to know that your data. Start to finish encryption guarantees that your messages stay secure and impenetrable to unapproved access.

4. Confide – Safer Messenger App

Confide Secret Messaging App

Confide is a secure messenger app that offers encrypted messaging, disappearing messages, spy protection, screenshot prevention, incognito mode, retract unread messages, and private and group messaging to users who fancy privacy. Confide App is available on both Android and Desktop. 24/7 hand on desk customer support service is available for enquiries and complain.

5. Skred Messaging App

Skred Messenger

Skred Messanger is the truly secure messaging app, and the first secure peer-to-peer instant messaging app that requires no email address or phone number to use it. Skred App is free, without subscription, without a provider, without a SIM card, and without leaving a trace. The SkredBoard, which is accessible by simply swiping down, allows for generating many identities that are separated from each other for absolute confidentiality. You can also use groups to exchange with several friends at once.


In conclusion, as WhatsApp’s reputation as a privacy-focused social messaging app wanes, five strong contenders – Dust, Signal, Wire, Confide, and Skred – have emerged to take its place. These alternatives offer robust security features, from end-to-end encryption to self-destructing messages, and they prioritize user privacy above all else.

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Users are increasingly drawn to these platforms, seeking refuge from concerns about data security and privacy breaches. As the digital landscape evolves, it’s clear that these apps are on the front lines, defining a new era of secure and confidential social messaging. The message is clear: in the age of digital communication, privacy matters, and these apps are ready to lead the way into a more secure future.

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