How to Share Data on Airtel [All Data Sharing Methods in 2024]

Airtel is one of the most used telecommunication network in Nigeria. Hence, sharing data MB is common among it subscribers. Meanwhile, there are lot of questions online regarding how to share Data on the SIM Network which I’m going to answer all in this guide.

But before we dive straight into the primary reasons of this article, I want to clarify something. It’s true that many Airtel subscribers/users are seeking for ways to share Data on the network, so, could it be that the telecommunication company is not providing enough guides to use it services?

No, Airtel did provide guides to use it services including how to gift or share data. But people are searching for more complex question or let me say more in-depth guide to share Data MB on Airtel. Some of the search queries are highlighted below.

1. How to share Data on Airtel. This is a general question and the company has provided answers.

2. How to transfer Data from Airtel to Airtel. [General Question]

3. How to transfer 1G Data from Airtel to Airtel [Complex Question]

4. How to transfer Data from Airtel to MTN [More Complex Question]

5.  How to transfer Data from MTN to Airtel [More Complex Question]

6. How can I transfer 500Mb data on Airtel Line [Complex Question]

7. How to share Data on Airtel to Airtel [General Question]

8. How to Gift Data on Airtel [General Question]

9. How to transfer Data from Airtel to other network [More Complex Question]

Listed above are common questions Airtel users are asking regarding how to share Data MB on the network. Therefore, I have take out part of my time to answer all the questions in this guide.

All that’s needed from you is read to the end so that you’ll know every data sharing methods on Airtel. Furthermore, share this post to your social media pages as a token of appreciation of my time taken.

Now, let’s dive straight into today’s guides. Here are step-by-steps methods to sharing Data MB on Airtel.

Share Data on Airtel

  • Go-to calling app on your phone and dial *312#, then tap send. However, make sure that you’re dialing the USSD code on your Airtel SIM.
  • From the prompt that follows, choose 8, then select between Me2U or Data Gifting data sharing option.
  • Next, choose your preferred data gifting option, then input the recipient phone number, amount of data you want to transfer and tap send.

After you’ve send the data MB, the person will receive SMS message stating that your number has successfully transferred data MB to him/her.

Furthermore, it’s important to know that data sharing on Airtel is categorized into two (2) major aspects. Data Gifting and Me2U. The data gifting method works in the sense that data transfer will be deducted from your Airtel Airtime Balance.

While the Me2U data sharing method typically shares data from your existing data balance to another Airtel users. However, data can only be shared to one person at a time.

As you can see, this section as answered many questions listed above including how to share or transfer data from Airtel to Airtel and data sharing codes for Airtel users in Nigeria.

Transfer 1GB Data from Airtel to Airtel

Follow these steps to share 1Gb data MB from your data balance to another Airtel user.

  • Dial *312#*13# on your Airtel SIM card.
  • Select between Me2U data sharing method or data gifting method.
  • For data gifting, you have to input recipient’s phone and 1Gb or 1000mb as the data amount, then tap send. The money will be deducted from your airtime balance.
  • For Me2U data sharing option, input the recipient’s phone number and type 1000mb as the data amount you want to send, then tap send.
  • However, the two options of sharing 1GB on Airtel will requires you to confirm the recipient’s number before proceeding to accomplish your request.
  • Once data is sent, the recipient will receive a notification SMS message.

Furthermore, I believed that questions regarding how can I transfer 500MB on Airtel to another Airtel line has been answered. Okay, let’s proceed.

Transfer Data from Airtel to MTN

Airtel to MTN data sharing method

I don’t know why people keeps asking this question. It’s obvious enough to realize that data mb cannot be transferred or shared among telecommunication networks in Nigeria.

However, I decided to research possible ways to perform this task and I came up with an idea. The data sharing method from Airtel to MTN and vice versa I’ll explain below is only limited to users with Airtel Mobile Money and MTN Mobile Money.

Here’s how:

If you want to share Data from Airtel Number to MTN Number, you have to transfer money from Airtel Momo to MTN Momo. This way, you will be able to use transferred fund from Airtel Network to do data on MTN Network.

The equally is balanced right? However, do know that it’s impossible to transfer data balance directly from MTN SIM to Airtel SIM.

In conclusion, I believe section has also answered the latest queries of transferring or sharing data MB on Airtel to other network in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading this article. Please comment and share to your social media pages for more reach. Cheers!

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